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02 September 2013


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After releasing the intelligence note linked to above, the French government is now claiming to possess "imagery showing that the starting points of the rockets were held by the regime, and that the target points were held by the rebels".



Another POV with an explanation by "Dan Kaszeta, a former Chemical Officer in the United States Army, one of the foremost experts in chemical and biological weapons."


Drudge Report has a poll on its homepage. The results are rather telling. Regardless of what the "evidence" says, where the US public stands is pretty clear.


Zero hedge is now reporting that hacked emails from a U.S. "col. McDonald" to a "Eugene furst" acknowledge that the whole Sarin attack was staged.

There are allegedly traces of hasty attempts to cover Internet tracks in the same manner as the Britam hacks.



No he does not tell us which embassy, but "the insider" escaped your attention, apart from the fact that Schindler claims only Assad's army could use it. Is that true? Quite a bit of the article is about this more general argument.

"Schindler also presented so far unknown evidence: The BND intercepted a conversation between a high ranking member of the Hisbollah militia (as they are called over here) with the Iranian embassy. Supposedly the offical of Hisbollah, who traditionally supports Assad also militarily, conceded the use of chemical weapons. Assad had lost his cool when he ordered the use of chemical weapons and made a huge mistake."

Further down is this, which seems to have escaped your attention:

"At the same time an insider said, that "Oker" (surveillance ship cruising down there) had captured hardly anything significant from the Demascus area after the alleged attack, since the range of the sensors is weakened by the mountains in front of Damascus."

Consider this: elections soon and US pressure:

As an aside. Merkel would have been among the willing had she been chancellor in 2003. I hope some remember. On the other hand, I also vividly remember the odd horseshoe tale swallowed by the Social Democrats and the Green Party hood, line and sinker. (result: Operation Allied Force/Noble Anvil/Operation Horseshoe) In any case there is careful maneuvering. ...


Here is a better link to the Rafsanjani tape


The voice certainly sounds like Hashemi.


According to Zbig a war over Syria could mean the end of Israel:


robt willmann

Another part of the propaganda operation to get an overt war going between the U.S. and Syria -- leaving aside the covert war via "findings" by president Obama for the CIA and others, and coordination with other countries for their actions within Syria, and help with "communications" -- gets into gear this afternoon, 3 September, with a hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, beginning at 2:30 p.m. eastern time, with Sec. State John Kerry, Sec. Defense Chuck Hagel, and CJCS Gen. Martin Dempsey as witnesses.


It is to be aired on the C-Span television network as well as through an Internet webcast of the committee--


The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is chaired by Democrat Robert Menendez, he of the titillating Caribbean vacations. Notice that there are no witnesses scheduled who would vigorously speak against a Syrian adventure. Gen. Dempsey will have to walk a tightrope during his testimony with the skill of Phillipe Petit.


Today's Senate hearing is really for the unwashed masses. Tomorrow a hearing is scheduled at 9:00 a.m. before the same committee that should be public but will not be. Just like the alleged evidence, it will be Top Secret and Closed. The witnesses? The agenda says "The Honorable John F. Kerry" and "The Honorable James R. Clapper"--



According to the BBC MG (ret) Keane spoke with Republican Senators breifed by Obama and the administrations plans are to effectively intervene on behalf of the rebels. That is not, of course, what Obama is telling the American people.




sadly, Keane is a full general who was vice chief of staff of the army. He admittied that the purpose is disguised help to the rebels on the Newshour last night. His goal and that of all the other neocons is to damage the Syrian armed forces enought to bring on a rebel succession to power. In one breathtaking moment last night Keane dismissed Russia as having little real military capability. pl



I have no idea what "khubbaz baghdad" is up to. (The baker of Baghdad) pl


Who would have thunk that the US military would fight on the same side as the Al Qaeda "liver eaters"??

We truly live in bizzaro world!


Yes, the Christians in Syria back Assad. I wonder what punishment Obama thinks they deserve for that? Just what agreements has the administration made and with just which FSA leaders? (Obviously not the one assasinated by the AQ 'branch' of the FSA.)


I missed the Newshour last night. I assume that's why I slept well. Is Keane that out of touch to think the Russian Federation has no real military capability? Don't they still have 8,000 nuclear weapons, amongst other forces? They certainly aren't $16 trillion in debt like us.


"In one breathtaking moment last night Keane dismissed Russia as having little real military capability."

How much are the Russians willing to stake on Syria? What can they actually do to deter the intervention? Could they deliver the S-300 before Obama orders a strike?


@b: Let me suggest that you access the chapter "MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS" from http://www.cs.amedd.army.mil/borden/Portlet.aspx?id=d3d11f5a-f2ef-4b4e-b75b-6ba4b64e4fb2

The formatting is better at this location. It is also the actual home for the Borden Institute.

Eric Dönges

Frau Merkel is in an awkward position - on the one hand, there are federal elections coming up shortly, and the German public is not enthusiastic about military intervention in general or Syria in particular. On the other hand, our three most important allied governments all seem to be chomping at the bit for action, and Merkel doesn't want to be seen as a party pooper.

As to the BND - I'm not sure if they are working for the U.S. or the German government, and I don't think they are sure either.


We should all write to our Senators and Representatives and ask them to demand public, honest answers to these four key questions:

1. How much money is KSA spending to support Al Quaeda in the Magreb?

2. Is AQM the dominant player in the FSA?

3. How can we defeat Assad and not help AQM triumph?

4. How can we justify the US helping AQM win?


Why would Keane want Al Queada in power?


I seek forgiveness for my prior posts where I mis-named Al-Qaeda as "in the Magreb." Not only did I misspell Magreb, I blamed the wrong group of scoundrels. What is the proper way to refer to the part of the FSA that is Al-Qaeda?

Please consider my prior erroes corrected.


How much firepower (non nuclear) do the Russians have that they would be willing to use in support of Sryia and/or Iran against the US/Israel? Do the intelligence people think they would want to get that deeply involved?

David Habakkuk

b, Fred, zanzibar,

Recently, I have been surprised to find myself often agreeing with Brzezinski. The interview with Jacob Heilbrunn to which ‘b’ linked seems to me one of the most incisive analyses I have seen of the Syrian situation.

However, I have some reservations about Brzezinski’s response to the final question from Heilbrunn. The exchange is worth quoting in full:

‘Heilbrunn: I guess my final question, if you think you can get into this subject, is . . . you’re sort of on the opposition bank right now. The dominant voice among intellectuals and in the media seems to be a liberal hawk/neoconservative groundswell, a moralistic call for action in Syria based on emotion. Why do you think, even after the debacle of the Iraq War, that the foreign-policy debate remains quite skewed in America?

‘Brzezinski: (laughs) I think you know the answer to that better than I, but if I may offer a perspective: this is a highly motivated, good country. It is driven by good motives. But it is also a country with an extremely simplistic understanding of world affairs, and with still a high confidence in America’s capacity to prevail, by force if necessary.’

Ever since our Civil Wars, a certain kind of Englishman – or Welshman, or Scot – has thought that it was precisely those who were most convinced of their own righteousness who were prone to end up as the most unmitigated rascals. It is precisely Americans who do not believe they invariably represent the forces of good fighting the forces of evil who we are hoping may stop the Syrian crisis degenerating into total catastrophe.


GCP et al

The question that should concern us is how much WE are willing to risk that some Russian might miscalculate on the same basis that you ask the question about them. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Sea_Fleet pl



Yes. 8,000 weapons/warheads and they have been modernising their forces. Keane is simply willing to gamble. pl



Among the Wahhabi styled jihad groups ar ethe al-Nusra Front and something I wrote on a while back called The Islamic State of Syria and the Levant. pl

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