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01 September 2013


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SAC Brat

Aircrew did this during the Vietnam war. If they were in a certain area over North Vietnam they would be assigned to transmit a script over a specified frequency to simulate one side of communications with an agent on the ground.


Col. I was thinking more along these lines:

"According to Mohammad Ayoub, a senior engineer at the TRA, it is possible to not only "twin" phone lines, but to forge phone calls too. "This can be done not only by fabricating the call data record, but by using advanced technology, such as forging a person's voice," he said at the press conference."

"For his part, Dr. Hoballah explained that Israel was capable of planting a phone line in any other suspicious line.
“The whole content of a phone could be copied to a completely different phone, and a phone call could be conducted, without the real line owner knowing about it,” Dr. Hoballah explained.
In parallel, engineer Mohammad Ayoub clarified that an entire audio recording could be fabricated by exchanging the actual voice with another one using the voice print."

""Israel “controls information and data packets, and can enter a network, shut down parts and transfer information or delete it,” he added.
“They can fabricate calls that originally did not exist.”



The Brits are likely to be intercepting radio signals from Syria. There are all kinds of ways to do these things. Arabs always imagine the most complicated ones. KISS. pl


SAC Brat

Yes. MACVSOG did all kinds of things like that. we still lost the political war in the US. pl



No doubt the Brits are listening. I found the analysts' "suspicions" of rebel planted phone conversations to be of interest given that the Israelis can (among other things) actually create phone calls; according to the evidence presented to and accepted by the International Telecommunications Union conference.

The Lebanese experiences provide the most insight into what the Israelis can get up to. Evidently, their presentation was credible enough for the ITU to officially censure Israel.

What about those early claims of the Unit 8200 discovery of the implicating phone calls?


Yes. Hard to know what to make of the leak. As well as the curious assertion that a British unit was in Syria, hunting rebel jihadi leaders, of whom the British, evidently, do not approve.

All seems pretty raw. Insufficiently coherent to be spin?

Alba Etie

There is also large aquifers in the Golan Heights yes?


I found Bandar's rather open threat to Russia remarkable:

If you play ball I'll make sure that your precious olympics don't get ruined by stuff like Chechen acts terrorism. And if you don't ...

The Russians will not forget that.

And interesting beyond that: In essence Bandar sais that he can switch Islamist terrorist groups on and of at will. Now how interesting is that?



There are springs up there. That is why there are towns like the ruined city of Kuneitra. How much water I don't know. pl


Upon reflection, I think this RAF leak is likely to have been a defense of Troodos & Brit sigint, possibly in response to Craig Murray's report. Fairly straightforward. To make the following points:

1) Troodos did, indeed, pick up suspect conversations. AND immediately forwarded them to the relevant govt bodies.
2) Analysts were not confident that conversations were what they appeared at face value. (Maybe because, like many correspondents here, they are well aware how readily such messages can be falsified.)
3) A Syrian retaliatory strike, in response to a Brit/US attack would be capable of reaching Troodos - with chemical weapons.

4) This point not as clear to me. Why is the hunt by a British unit for particularly vicious jihadi leaders of the rebels mentioned? Perhaps to indicate how all the hubbub about airstrikes has had the effect of stopping a more desirable, ongoing, culling operation, which might benefit both Syrian people & British interests.?

In sum, not an enthusiastic endorsement of the airstrike proposal. British sigint indicating Syrian guilt exists but may not be reliable. There is a danger of losing or compromising Troodos' capabilities in an air war./ But Troodos cannot be shut down by chemical strikes because it has defensive clothing. One secret operation has already been shut down by Parliament's vote.

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