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21 August 2013


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I agree with you whole heartedly. The far left is pushing an agenda that really has little to do with American values but everything to do with theoretical ones. I do not see this same group putting forth any energy into holding accountable the architects and facilitators of the war(s) they find so objectionable. Their first hero, President Obama, is busy having the NSA shred the Constitution and its leaders lie under oath about it. Meanwhile they are busy with their latest hero, Bradley/Chelsea; the new David taking on that big bad Goliath – Uncle Sam.

Mark Logan


Got a hunch it's about keeping him high profile. The talking heads will now certainly be debating whether or not the DOD should be required to pay for the operation. Abalones will be riding bicycles before that happens, but no matter.


Might look better with a pair of DD's, rather than just one, though?

Sorry, couldn't help myself


You are making excuses. Millions of poorly educated soldiers have served terms of enlistment with under conditions far worse than Manning's. They didn't betray their obligations regardless of their support or lack thereof for the nation's policy while they were on active duty.


COL, your statement is true, but it begs the question of what all those uniform-wearing analysts and policy makers at NSA were thinking (and continue to think) about breaking the law to collect on US citizens? Or those in the service who participated in the use of "enhanced interrogation" techniques?


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