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08 August 2013


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America's press apparently hasn't discovered this protest as the NYT has some nice quaint story of a cafe in Tunis. 600,000 protesters? Nowhere to be seen.

The beaver


All the Arabic speaking journos are embedded with the rebels in Syria ( I am being sarcastic about Anne Barnard et al.)

Alba Etie

Col Lang
I wonder if the new leadership in Qatar is still supporting the political Islamist in the various "Arab Spring' countries ? I remember reading I think on al Jeezera English in Tunisia the Enhadda Foundamentalist Party was being supported by both Qatar & Turkey .


Gotta give her credit, she got a Pulitzer writing about Haitians without having to go to Haiti. Perhaps, after the rebels make a strategic regrouping to greener pastures she can win a Pulitzer doing a write up on the victors?

The beaver


Don't know if you've seen this piece;
The French newspapers have talked about her this week but nothing on this side of the pond.


No, thank you for the link. As Frencesca said "there is always money for a piece on Berlusconi’s girlfriends." She is certainly a different breed than that American who was in Bosnia, Samantha Power. Ms. Borri should write her next book about editors, spas and betrayals. She could even mention Berlusconi's girlfriends. The only risk she'd have to face then is losing her soul.

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