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20 August 2013


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Alba Etie

Col Lang
From what I can garner from RT , CCTV , al Jezerra & others is that the Syrian military is rapidly consolidating gains in the north . Moreover Hizbollah is successfully blocking resupply for the liver eaters through the Aleppo cordon . Is it to much to hope that this he beginning of the end of the al Nusra and other extremist in Syria ?
And ,myself ; ever the romantic - and at risk of being branded an unwarranted optimist again on SST - I do believe that even the sheeple have been inoculated from current WMD skullduggery, due to the Bushcheney Irak clusterf---k , from the aluminum tubes to the mobile bio weapons labs et al . I do not think even the usual suspects like Robin Wright want any part of a Syrian intervention .
And I continue based on actions so far that General Martin J Dempsey and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel are carrying the day on stopping a Syrian military intervention .


One of my favorite photos. Ah, the memories it brings back of the old days.


It reminds me of Gene Wilder in "Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex."


What does "liver eaters" mean?


All those articles mention the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. That guy running the show does a fine job from his clothing shop in Coventry. I wonder if his clothes are as good as his reporting:


Michael Murry

Paris-based William Pfaff writes:

"The European Union is for practical purposes lacking in any foreign policy other than giving money to politically correct causes. The American government is pressed by conservatives and liberal interventionists to do something, but the American public, after the fiascoes of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan (not to mention the minor ones in Chile, Argentina and the Caribbean under Henry Kissinger’s watch, and during the Reagan administration), is in no mood for more war, particularly when, as in Syria, no one knows where it would lead."

That sounds about right. I wonder how long the exhaustion-induced sanity will last?

Alba Etie

Correcting the entry from above comment- "And I continue to believe based on actual action / non actions taken so far that the Realist - JSC General Martin J Dempsey & Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel are carrying the day on stopping a US Military intervention in Syria . ( In spite of Samantha & Susan's fondest wishes )

Alba Etie

the wahabbi al nusra are apparently eating livers and or other organs of dead syrian soldiers - search this site or google you tube

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