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30 August 2013


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Boner is busy trying to figure out how to slip the amnesty treason through and keep his Speaker's gavel.

Alba Etie

Thank you Beaver


Claude brought back copies on the blockade runner?



The timing would be about right. A Richmond Virginia edition was published in the middle of 1863. pl

Alba Etie

Great sound like you are apace in pursuing your& your family 's dreams. Congratulations on your daughter a full head of hair is something I sometimes miss. When we used to milk Daisy the cow on the commune from my misspent youth - we found that feeding "Daisy " a slightly sour mash of sweet corn & oats while tugging on her teats made it better experience for all of us. Best of luck in the boxing match .
BTW I had read that the BP 's budget cuts were restored - is that true ?


Chapeau bas Colonel.
Mes respects


The cuts were "restored", but to different programs instead of our pay. This agency has fallen prey to the curse of every GS15 needing a big project to justify his promotion to the ranks of SES.

The cow is a Dexter, and we have good days and our bad. She gored me in the arm once already, but the punt to her forehead seemed to mellow her a bit. Probably not accepted FFA practice but it worked.


If he had any moral courage he would oppose this, point out that the Christian's of Syria support Assad and ask Obama if he expects a second Nobel Peace Prize for becoming Barack Obama, killer of Christians. He wouldn't need to worry about immigration bills.


Congratulations on your firstborn.


Thank you Fred - I appreciate that.

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