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27 August 2013


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Colonel Lang,

I am not in competition with you and yes there are several additional orders but as you note those are of a different ranking within our Church the SMOM, EDSHJ and the Teutonics while the Church Orders all do their share in support. However you mistake my point. My point was SMOM is more than just a Catholic Lay Order and its members are subject to direct authority of their Grand Master and especially their Superior, Our Holy Father.

But Its been 15 years since I worked for then Archbishop McCarrick and his Regional Bishop David Aries. So forgive me if my memory of details lapses. As I hold you in high regard I hold those Orders of our Church with extreme regard for their service. But in Sir Nicholas's case if one is going to take a stand that opposes the directives of his Order and its Superior. Then one must make sure that one removes his cover...so.to speak... It just goes aganist the grain..

With High regards..


Well, I've explained this here before.

1) Israel wants a war with Iran.
2) Israel can't have a "cheap" war with Iran without taking out Syria and Hizballah in Lebanon. Because otherwise Israel will have to deal with Iranian, Syrian AND Hizballah missiles. This will keep the Israeli electorate in bomb shelters for most of every day, hurting the economy and ticking off said electorate who might vote out the Likud in the next elections...Netanyahu doesn't want that.
3) As Colonel Lang has said in the past, the only way to do that is to take out Hizballah in the Bekaa Valley.
4) Only way to do that is cross Syrian territory, which means engaging Syrian forces, which means a two-front war and casualties.
5) BUT IF Syria were already under attack by the US and NATO - a la Libya - then Syrian forces would be degraded and pinned down allowing an Israeli force to cross Syrian territory and enter the Bekaa Valley from the flank.
6) A US/NATO air campaign will also get rid of the very Syrian missiles and aircraft which could threaten Israel in an Iran war.
7) This was the plan since day one of the Syria crisis which is proven by the fact that the US inserted UN Chapter 7 language into the first three UNSC Resolutions - which is why Russia and China vetoed them.
8) Then the US had the insurgents fire into Turkey and had Turkey fire back to get Syria to retaliate - but Syria didn't.
9) Then the US had the insurgents fire into Israel and had Israel fire back to get Syria to retaliate - but Syria didn't.
10) That left them with the "chemical weapons" ploy - except Assad didn't use chemical weapons.
11) That left the US and Israel with "false flag" operations conducted by insurgents which the US has ADMITTED training in the handling of chemical weapons!
12) And here we are...

I have been saying that the US and NATO would attack Syria by the end of this year. Regardless of how the present situation pans out, we would seem to be on track.

Once the US and whatever allies it can gather have degraded Syria's forces sufficiently, Israel will use some "Hizballah is getting chemical weapons from Syria" BS excuse to attack Lebanon, sending one armored division into Syria to protect the flank of a second armored division which will go up and over in the Bekka Valley, along with a third armored division which will go up through Southern Lebanon as in 2006.

Except this time Israel will commit all its forces to an all-out effort to dislodge and remove Hizballah from southern Lebanon, seize and/or destroy as many of Hizballah's missile arsenal as they can, and push Hizballah far enough north so that its remaining missiles can not cover all of Israel.

Once Syria and Hizballah have been sufficiently degraded so that they cannot be effective actors against Israel in an Iran war, then Israel will start the Iran war - and Obama will delightedly commit the US to support Israel in that war.

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