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07 August 2013


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Col. Lang,

With your permission...



I bet none of this ever figured in your predictions/wishes for the new millennium back in 2000. I can imagine they involved nothing more than a leisurely bit of hunting, fishing and shooting.


I don't think McCain and Graham were what Cat Stevens had in mind when he sang "Peace Train". The Twit Twins should come home and embarrass us no more.


Try this graphic video:

Toro se mata solo en Aguascalientes, Ags.




Este pobre animal se llamo kerry. pl

The Twisted Genius

I don't know which would be more appropriate for this pair, a Monty Python animation sequence or a Benny Hill chase scene.

r whitman

Perhaps it would be better for us if they did not come home.


Given their success this deserves a Motown soundtrack; since we all know how Detroit's doing nowadays.


"How did it come to this?"

Through a five week straight vacation with play, coupled an unlimited USAF VIP Squadron travel budget (what sequester?) and an abundance of certifiably crazy primary challengers.

That's how.



"The Iranians will undoubtedly greet them at the border as peacemakers..."

Not peacemakers, liberators, and with sweets and flowers.

Babak Makkinejad

I loved it!

Babak Makkinejad

I loved it!


Maybe we could get McCain and Graham to take up permanent residency in the ME? Make them Honorary Presidents of Jordan and Bahrain?

Their gain would be our gain...


Does anybody know about the bulls eye flag in the photo? Kind of Brit WW2ish n'est pas?



those are the flags of the Egyptian armed forces and the nation on the right. The one with the roundel is that of the air force. pl

Alba Etie

Might add Fire Sign Theater into the mix
"Dave open up ...
Dave's not here man .. "

Alba Etie

Bread & salt too .


Keystone Kops.

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