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16 July 2013


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I first have to admit I have not read any of the afore mentioned comments. It's a shame that people cannot have a civilized discussion about the events of the day.

Alba Etie

Col Lang
Exactly this is extremely divisive and emotional topic - this Zimmerman trial .
But since it is an open thread I am happy to report that we have had a lovely slow soaking rain event here in Central Texas - the last thirty six hours with more precipitation predicted .We averaged thirty inches of rain annually here - but the last eleven years of drought we have had yearly totals averaging only eighteen inches . So we are Blessed these last two days -with some local areas getting as much as four inches of rain. There may even be enough rise on the Pedernales River to cause me to break out the catfishing jugs - plenty of big grasshoppers for bait . Makes me think of that classic 'Greensleeves "..


Wife is due on the 21st, and I'm hoping to close on a house by the end of the month. Any advice for either?


Just in time. I was beginning to forget about Edward Snowden


Thanks for closing the subject!


i recently obtained a copy of "From the Holy Mountain" by William Dalrymple. I started reading yesterday and was up 'til 2am. It is quite a moving yet humbling read. I'll probably be up late again tonight.


Is it too late for Bastille Day celebration? I thought the Colonel might appreciate this fine example of Gallic performance.

The Twisted Genius

Read a happy piece of local news yesterday. The Central Virginia Battlefields Trust placed a 12 pounder Napoleon at Pelham's Corner in Fredericksburg. If you aren't familiar with the story of "the gallant Pelham," You should read more. He set an example worthy of emulation.


William R. Cumming

Wondering how the Susan Rice and Samantha Powers appointments progressing? Do either have capability in any foreign languages?

William R. Cumming

Any progress on the Senate taking action against Clapper?

FB Ali

For anyone still interested in the Afghanistan situation I would recommend two articles by Dr Anatol Lieven, far and away the top Western 'expert' on the region:



The Twisted Genius


I hope you have some leave saved up. With these two major events about to hit, you will not have the time to do everything that you feel you must do. Just realize this and do what you can. If family offers to help, accept it. If friends offer, accept that too. Just breath and enjoy the ride. Congratulations.

The Twisted Genius

I heard that France invited troops from Mali and other African allies in their latest adventure to march in Paris with them. "Vive la mort, vive la guerre, vive le sacré Légionnaire!"


Patience and a Lawyer...lol

Also, enjoy your last days of sleep...

Best of Luck!!!


Congrats to you on becoming a Dad.


An excellent book. I read it many years ago and was struck by the fluidity of holy places in Syria between sects - Muslims visiting Christian churches for blessings. Sadly this is a landscape that is all but destroyed, psychologically if not (yet) physically.

r whitman

bring money. its the American thing to do. Every man should have a big mortgage, it means he has to get up in the morning!!


Without getting overly consumed with it...make sure you have clear title on the house you are buying. And adequate--not less, not more--insurance in case a title issue arises in the future. And depending how long you plan to be in the house...factor in the value of the house--expected-20 or so years out, as the right amount of insurance. The MERS issue--a crime if ever there was one--has muddied the waters on title issues in real estate. A bit...

For those of you, not familiar with the MERS issue..and gluttons for punishment--here are good resources on it.


The White Paper is first source material. Exceptional, from a legal perspective, I would argue. But a lot of reading, true.

As to becoming a Dad...just, congratulations!

Alba Etie

Patience is a virtue . And big congratulations on both life improving events !

no one

Congrats, Tyler.

jonst, AZ is a title insurance state. You must have title insurance to close the deal and the title insurance company usually serves as the escrow company as well. It's a really nice one stop shopping arrangement that, IMO, works out best for everyone.

The way they do things back east is a primitive mess in comparison.


Tyler: After my son was born, my wife subtlely "demoted" me. You suddenly have to share your wife's time with someone new. It's wonderful; nevertheless, it's a big change.


Charles I

Congratulations, get all the sleep you can now.

Read what you sign, and put down the most you can.

New child and house - breathe deeply, often, and remember that most bitter shit that happens just happens and it is not about you.

Be safe - that is about you.

Calm blue ocean, may your gods bless you and yours.


Jackie: I'm reading "Triange" the story of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. So many similiaries--and arguments--then as now.


Cloth diapers, because you know one day you'll run out of the other kind.

William R. Cumming

SECDEF has announced 20% reduction in the Flag Ranks and Senior Civilian SES's over next 6 years!

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