01 July 2013


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The Twisted Genius

Looks like the military just gave Morsi 48 hours to solve the crisis or they will. I'll leave it to Colonel Lang to parse the nuances of the actual statement. Wether the current military has the discipline to remain intact is another question.


Col: Hasn't Kerry noticed that all those promises of "no daylight" between us and Israel and "eternal support" for Israel's "security" have neutered America's ability to act as a mediator?

The man is merely wasting jet fuel at this point.


I have no idea what will come after the Obama administration is over.

However, I do not think that the grip of insanity regarding our foreign policy will relax regardless of whether a democrat or republican is elected in 2016.

I am not sure what it will take to change course. At this point I am pessimistic enough to think only something truly and unfortunately catastrophic will cause more rational heads to take charge.


Kerry's job isn't to create a two state solution; his job is to provide material to the US media to claim a two state solution is possible. This does two things: it deflects attention from the on-going land grabs from Palestinians and Bedouins; it maintains the illusion (for those who want to believe) of a willing Israeli state.

In other words, he's doing his job as it has been defined for well on fifty years.


Instant mass communication and an over-seeing military seem to be the determining factors here, just like Turkey.


I was wondering why he met Netanyahu in Jerusalem since we don't recognize that as the capital of Israel.


When the Tahrir Square twitterettes were all the rage, I know I was skeptical as I noted to some derision here at SST.

Morsi it seems won an election fair & square. If he is ousted because enough people massed in the streets, then what does it mean for the next one on the "throne"?

Unfortunately for the Egyptians their society seems deeply divided. How can anyone gain legitimacy in an environment of deprivation as their economy slides?

We are seeing social unrest from Brazil to Turkey. Civil war in Syria with many outside parties involved. Kicking the can down the road in the west as no state can come to grips with it's finances. Japan on a kamikaze mission to inflate while trying to thread the needle that rates don't make their debt untenable. The Chinese walking a tightrope that their shadow credit structure does not bring down their unbalanced economy.

Are we headed to global violence and destruction to bleed the pressure?

Bill H

Pretty nice summary. Well, perhaps "succinct" would be a better word. "Nice" it is not.

robt willmann

And now we have the amusing "Morsi Timer", set up on the Internet to count down the 48 hours Morsi (Mursi) has been given by the Egyptian military to resolve the political mess before it presents and implements a "road map" to stabilize Egypt; the military's statement about a "road map", translated into plain English, means "or else"--


Charles I

Our FM John Baird did the same thing just before meeting with the Palestinians. It was not an accident.

Carl O.

"The US government loves elections. The results of elections do not seem to matter to the brilliant minds in the WH and State Department."

It seems to me that results DO matter. US Ambassador Anne Patterson's recent antics in Cairo suggest that, indeed, the Obama Administration does support the results of the last election in Egypt (that is, the Muslim Brotherhood in power), whereas in 2006, Obama's predecessor rejected the outcome of the election in Gaza.


Carl O

I guess you don't comprehend that I too think that results matter. pl

Alba Etie

Chicken Noodle News & MSMNBC or reporting Morsi 'under military arrest ". Wonder when & if the Egyptian Civil War starts .

The beaver

Looks like a military coup is underway if I follow Alahram well.

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