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03 July 2013


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President Obama, by remaining silent, must be consenting to lying before the House of Representatives. How many other Cabinet members is he (Obama) allowing to lie to the Representatives of the American people? Why does Congress consent to perjury by members of the Executive branch testifying before them?


Why? Because you are now living in an Imperium. There is no law but the word of the President.

William R. Cumming

Senate should enter a formal perjury referral to DoJ even if no prosecution. The power of the Senate at stake.

And agree of course with PL as to Clapper's choices and the Presidents. NONE! Fire or get immediate resignation!

The Twisted Genius

Absolutely! And General Alexander should request immediate retirement. He mouthed the same lies before Congress. Though neither of these two were case officers, they succumbed to the same disease as some others I've known. They don't know when to turn off the manipulation and lying.

At the CIA Brennan sent a memo to the workforce calling it the “Honor the Oath” campaign, The intent is to reinforce the CIA's corporate culture of secrecy. The secrecy agreements we sign are absolutely clear about what we are required to do and what will happen to us if we violate those agreements. I think it would be more appropriate to honor the oath we take to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We invoke God's name in taking this oath. That's the oath we must honor. Even Obama seems to forget this. He says his first duty is to protect the American people. No, it's not. His first duty is to support and defend the Constitution.



If that were true I would be in prison. pl

Medicine Man


One problem is that a large portion of the US populace is not behind those last three sentences and the incentives for politicians continue to be calibrated accordingly.



Again, you are correct. It is just that the Executive Branch has gotten itself between a rock and a hard place. Since the start of the Global War on Terror the government has been lying to the people and it cannot stop. On top of it all, especially in the Bush II Administration, the ones in charge actually believed their own propaganda.

To work all marketing including propaganda/agitprop has to be based on the truth. The classic example is the old NBC TV show “Victory at Sea” which I first saw in reruns when I was a teenager. Instead, 21st century America is stuck in a never ending amoral quagmire supporting Syrian Sunni Jihadists; the very same true believers who attacked us on 9/11.

ABC broadcast a program consisting of Defense Department agitprop a little bit after the Afghanistan invasion. One segment was a film of bearded Special Forces men searching for a village elder whom they called “a bad guy”. I realized then it was all for nothing. To succeed there have to be enough boots on the ground to bring peace and a functioning government in order to convince the village elders and their people to join the invader’s new order. Considering their history, what worked with Germans and Japanese, probably didn’t have had a chance with the Afghans; but, nevertheless, the USA fought the war on the cheap which assured that in the end that there would be no victory.


If you're Clapper or Holder, lie with impunity.

If you're Roger Clemmens or Barry Bonds, you better watch out, apparently.

Our anarcho-tyrannical America.

Peter Brownlee

It will be interesting to see how our friends in the mainest mainstream media deal with this -- http://www.salon.com/2013/07/02/meet_the_journalists_against_journalism_club/

"From David Gregory to Andrew Ross Sorkin to David Brooks, the ranks of Washington’s hottest new club continues to swell. Call it Journalists Against Journalism — a group of reporters and pundits who are outraged that whistle-blowers and news organizations are colluding to expose illegal government surveillance. To this club, the best journalism is not the kind that challenges power or even merely sheds light on the inner workings of government; it is about protecting power and keeping the lights off."

Peter Brownlee

Or even http://truth-out.org/news/item/17369-if-they-can-lie-about-nsa-snowden-they-can-lie-about-syria-and-iran

"There's a culture in much of Washington that believes that government officials can do and say whatever they want, so long as it's in the service of the Empire. It's the foreign policy version of Nixon's 'If the President does it, it's not illegal.' That may be useful for running an Empire, or it may not, but it's not the rule of law. If it's illegal for Joe and Mary Schmoe to do it, it's illegal for the president and his or her lieutenants to do it - that's the rule of law."

The Twisted Genius

Medicine Man,

So true. I blame ourselves for not demanding rigorous civics and American history classes at all levels of our education system. We were steeped in these subjects as children in my small New England town. Beginning in first grade, we made blue and red shakos out of construction paper, walked to the town green, paraded around our soldiers' monument waving American flags and singing patriotic songs. All our parents took part in these celebrations. It was a good beginning.

The Twisted Genius

We'd be part of the same prison gang.


The arrogance displayed in this sphere over the past decade, spanning 2 presidents and 4 administrations, is breath-taking. Nearly every day there is a revelation about another infringement on our civil liberties and system of law. Just today, we learn that the USPS has been photographing every piece of mail passing through heir hands. We also learn of the DOJ brief on force-feeding at Guantanamo that declares in blunt language that US courts have no say on the matter. This quiet revolution is occurring at a time when there are no significant threats to the Republic that compare to that presented by these abuses themselves. Who are these people and why are they give tacit backing by almost the entire political class?

I made an attempt to shed some light on these questions in an article that appeared in the Huffington Post last week. people. It can be found here: www.huffingtonpost.com/michael-brenner/the-snowden-affair-the-gr_...



Would there be grits and biscuits for breakfast? pl

The Twisted Genius

And on holidays, a double helping of SOS.



Perjury should be punished. pl

The Twisted Genius

I just read your HuffPost article. Excellent, Dr. Brenner. You paint a vivid picture of a diabolical machine run by soulless dimwits. And now the postman is photographing my mail. Time for some creative envelope art. BTW, here's the full link for your article.


Alba Etie

Yes just before the work detail re 'chain gang " .
'What we have here is a failure to communicate "

Alba Etie

Wasn't Sec of Defense Weinberger convicted of perjury then pardoned by Pappy Bush ?

Alba Etie

Its past time for a third party . We could call it the Constitutional Party perhaps .

John Minnerath

Oh yes. Sometimes it feels we're headed that way.
Clapper has some serious nuts and bolts loose between the ears.


I almost had a stroke reading about the unconstitutional actions of the USPS. Wasn't reading the correspondence (mail) of the colonial leaders one of reason we had a war for independence?


Only if 535 cowards in the House and Senate aid and abet this illegal conduct.


The only saving grace to that would be with this administration that prison would be as well run as Col. Klink's Stalag 13.


I agree, Clapper and the others who lie to Congress (the people's representatives) need to fall on their swords.

Our governments Pendulum has swung way to far with regard to Security since 9-11. Whether its making us take our shoes off, photographing our letters envelopes, storing our communications for future use, tracking who we communicate with, etc, etc. and it's time for that Pendulum to swing back.

As Mark Twain said "Loyalty to Country Always, Loyalty to a Government only when they Deserve it".

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