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21 June 2013


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The US government, the neocon searchers for "good" Islamists, and the R2P crowd will be responsible for that civil war if it comes. pl

William R. Cumming

Again hoping NSC staff read this blog post and PL's comment!

Charles I

Thank you very much for this analysis of misunderstanding all around.

Pat, isn't it possible that even with optimum U.S. diplomacy, in this case, public silence and private pressure/carrots/sticks, would still leave Morsi free to think as limned above. that is, to discount army intervention and just plunge ahead with the over-reaching "higher objective" one election one time campaign leading to dictatorship or civil war in any event?

All bungling aside, did the U.S. really have as much influential diplomacy as the Qataris do cash?


This administration's characteristic is to arrogantly challenge other parties to say "no" to our dictates. That strategy works fine, as long as no one says "no". I'm not sure if it is in their DNA to understand that silence is often the most powerful weapon one has. The Chinese certainly understand it.

m. hasan

This is an interesting analysis. My only problem with it is that it is written from an American point of view and not an Egyptian one. It is as if written from an American trying to analyze the faults of the American policy regarding Egypt. The Colonel repeatedly - on this blog - criticized the American policy in depending on the MB & the Islamists in Egypt and elsewhere in the ME, but it appears that no one in the administration listened or read his repeated warnings. Not surprisingly then that one reaps what one sows.
I totally disagree with the position of the writer that:” I belong to those who believe that the MB and Morsi should remain in power.” My rejection to that position is based on the same reason that the writer uses for supporting his position i.e. “ It is simply a question of getting Egypt through this difficult period without adding more permanent losses, or to be precise, with the minimum additional scars.” If the MB remained in power for any longer, this will only endanger the security and stability of Egypt and if one wishes to see Egypt stable, then the MB should leave power the sooner the better.


Dr. Hasan

Yusuf is a Sunni Egyptian who is a recovering idealist. pl

m. hasan

Thank you. I tried to look for any information in previous posts but my eyes did not catch any. Because almost all Egyptian Muslims are Sunnis this distinction is not important to us. On the other hand few Egyptians would be more interested to know if one is Muslim or Coptic Christian. Personally I prefer Egyptian only and this is more than enough. Thank you again for the good analysis.



"On the other hand few Egyptians would be more interested to know if one is Muslim or Coptic Christian." that may seem true from an Egyptian Muslim POV. Ask the Copts if they agree. pl

m. hasan

You are absolutely right. Apparently this attitude is prevalent or almost exclusive to the Egyptian Muslims. As the MB tighten their grip on power in Egypt, we are witnessing this attitude deepening. This is one other reason why removing the MB from power the sooner the better. There are high hopes among Egyptians that June 30 could be a turning point and as your guest has described, a perfect storm is approaching. In short, for you and for followers of this valuable blog, keep an eye on Egypt beginning from Friday June 28 through to the big day Sunday June 30 and the following few days.


m. hasan

I will not presume to advise the people and army of Egypt. pl

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