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02 June 2013


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Will Reks

I can buy that his anti-gun views would be welcomed at MSNBC but who really is pushing for intervention there? The evening anchors (Hayes, Maddow) aren't. Maybe the pathetic Morning Joe crowd.

Neocon rage is a good sign. Hopefully it means they recognize that their influence is waning.

These types can't be cured of the notion that they can create governments that will be friendly to Israel.


So Russia veto'd the 'statement of concern' or whatever by the UNSC about the retaking of Aleppo based off the fact it wasn't a concern when Aleppo originally fell. Great drama.

Also I've seen a lot of reports about how 12 rebels were killed and one HA fighter died. Sounds like a correct ratio.


The main issue that concerns Israel in the Middle East is economic in my opinion.

If Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria (and perhaps Libya etc.) become preferred destinations for Western investment then Israels influence in the region must reduce.

And what do we have? Iran, Iraq and Syria building a gas pipeline from Irans South Pars field through Iraw to Syria and potentially Lebanon and on into Europe. If that happens, what do you think Europes attitude to Israel will become?

The pipeline as far as Iraq will allegedly be in operation this summer.


dan of steele

@Tyler, you are referring to an incursion into Lebanon by the Syrian Freedom Fighters who were engaged by Hezb forces and lost 17 against the 1 of the local guys defending their own territory.


I've love to have a couple of these prestigious neocons and liberal interventionists answer one simple question: when we defeat Assad, which model should we follow then: Iraq, Afghanistan, or Libya?

These dim bulbs have no clue on what to do AFTER we start a war or get mixed up in a civil war.

But we can't count anyone in our dearly beloved media to ask such a question: for the dimwits it would be akin to treason.

The beaver

OT: Anyone is watching what is happening to Erdogan during those past 3 days.
There he was, working on behalf of the Saudis and Qataris for the downfall of Al-Assad and his own people is asking for his resignation.
What goes around comes around!!!
Will we hear a Free Turkish Army from William Hague or Fabius?


Islamic cleric decrees it OK for Syrian rebels to rape women


Salafis set off bombs in Boston and murder British soldiers on British streets but when it comes to Syria we can't arm them and finance them quick enough.

r whitman

There is already an unused pipeline in the area. Please check out Tapline, from Saudi Arabia to the Lebanese coast owned by Aramco. It was closed down for political reasons about 30 years ago. Someone else here may have a better grasp of its history than me.

Clifford Kiracofe

Wiki on Pletka. She was born in Australia and was an Australian citizen who came to the US and became a journalist with the Moonies as I recall.

She got her job on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee through the intervention of Joe Churba, now dead, who was a strong Zionist. I don't doubt that a few SST readers know Churba's background.

She and other Neocon types were moved into the Foreign Relations Committee staff after a purge of the old Helms staff. Thus, the conservative Helms became neoconized. Some allege she was still an Australian citizen when first serving at the committee and then her US citizenship came quickly thereafter. Similar pattern with the influential Martin Indyk, a former Australian citizen (and Brit before that?) who became a US citzen...both strong Zionists.


In any event, the Israel-firsters' push for the US involvement in a war with Syria is treasonous.

William R. Cumming

Are the principal NeoCons of any particular religious persuasion?

Are Christians threatened in Syria? Easter Rite or otherwise?

How many Christians are in Syria?


Just goes to show you that the Syrian rebels have a grossly inflated view of their own skills.

Clifford Kiracofe

US and Euro media have consistently self-censored reporting on opposition parties in Turkey. Because media whores support war against Syria they cover up for the Islamists in Turkey. Turkey receives massive amounts of money/investments from Saudi and the Gulfies.

Now the Turks themselves allegedly discover AQ and extremist terrorists operating inside Turkey against Syria have sarin.

Can the secular opposition come back to power in Turkey now that the Islamists have taken over?

Aren't there more peasants in central Anatolia etc. who support the Islamists than there are educated middle class secularists in Istanbul who support the old Attaturk politics? What do the numbers suggest?

samuel burke

These Neocons have the U.S Govt by the shorthairs, their power is unassailable, their ideology has permeated all levels of our society, either they get their walking papers or things will continue down the same bloody path.

The U.S military leaders will follow any order they are given by the politicians as ought to be the case, but an illegal order such as going to war without congressional approval ought to be rejected,send the order back to meet the letter of the law. The Orwellian dictionary allows them to be servile followers of the lobbying interests that we have been belly aching about for many years now, namely, the neocon lobbies.

Just following orders sir was not accepted at Nuremberg and ought not to be accepted as an excuse to send our brave men and women under arms to die in middle east wars for a foreign interest, if such is the case as seems to be implied in the article above.

Bill H

When will we hear from BHO that Erdogan "has lost his authority to govern" and that "he must step down" immediately?

Charles I

apparently over a shopping mall - he's more secular than we thought!? Although he tightened alcohol laws just before this crisis, so who can tell?


They're generally Jewish.

I'm sure the idea that ancient Christian communities are getting wiped out by a Jewish controlled political organ is just a happy coincidence.

Babak Makkinejad

Israel has no influence in the region outside of security/military dimension.

Also, I think people are reading too much into these gas pipelines. Under the current circumstances, which probably would go on for decades, there would be no gas supplies to EU from Iran.

The beaver

Look for the Qatari realestate angle in this story- no tree, mall story has changed into a mosque after the WE. Islamists can be corrupted to the hilt and he has sold his soul to the Qataris.

However this is another piece of news:

Qataris got slapped down and now the Saudis (Bandar) are leading the dance for regime change. The Brits must be happy (win win for them) but the French (pro Qatar) may be getting a bloody nose.

So the MB gang (Turks and Qataris) have lost against the Salafis.


Israel isn't supplying Europe with gas or oil. This pipeline would be a secondary source to compete against the Russians, wouldn't it? If Europe got over the holocaust guilt trip they would put their own interests first. If Europeans were truly concerned with humanitarian concerns they would support the Palestinians in some rational manner and be calling for an end to the blockade in Gaza and the ongoing settlement contruction.


when pigs sprout wings.


Jim Lobe has been tracking neocons for a long, long time. While Israel is generally central to neocons worldview, some neocons are not Jewish. Many of those are Christian Zionists.

Babak Makkinejad

Erdogan has helped Obama carry out his policies in Syria.

I wonder if the Turkish Generals would have been as compliant as Erdogan to US Government wishes in regards to Syria.

Babak Makkinejad

Ramallah used to be a Christian city; now it has become a Muslim one due to 46 years of occupation by Israel.

Babak Makkinejad

The Islamist in Turkey helped carry out the US strategy of wounding Iran in Syria.

That much is clear to me.

On the other hand, the initial policy of "Zero Problems with Neighbors" was an excellent one that helped Turkey and the region.

I wonder what leverage was used against Erdogan to cause him to fight others' war in Syria.

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