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28 June 2013


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Alba Etie

Which side would the military be on - the MB or the opposition ? Some 'experts "say that the officers who have stakes in Real Property re the Resorts at Sharm El Sheikh ( ?) and the Suez Canal trade would side with opposition. Other 'experts " say that enough rank and file military are now devout salafi that the military would side with Morsi . Is there any opinion you might have regarding which side the military might take ?

Dan Gackle

That's the one. (My sentence had a comma right after the link, and Typepad thought it was part of the link.)

Another interesting detail from the essay (though I'm afraid a very off-topic one) is that Orwell explicitly brings up Brave New World as unconvincing because it is insufficiently "crude". That rather strikingly telegraphs what he'd eventually do with 1984.

Alba Etie

Checks & balances Egyptian style ?

Medicine Man

I hope you're proven right about that, FB Ali.

Charles I

Been away without contact, heard on radio in car coming home of Egyptian Army Get-Your-Shit-Together-within 48 hours-or-else statement.

Egypt's army gives parties 48 hours to resolve crisis


Alba Etie

Brigadier Gen Ali
It looks like your prediction that the Egyptian military would intervene was a good call . Would you care to speculate on the chances of an Egyptian Civil War . It appears that Morsi is currently under house arrest .

FB Ali

Please see my comment on the IT IS NOT OVER IN EGYPT post.

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