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23 June 2013


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You recall correctly. https://facultystaff.richmond.edu/~ebolt/history398/johnkerrytestimony.html

My main beef with him--in the 70s was he was one of those types...that even when he talking to you, you can see he looking over your shoulder, to see who else is around. With a look in his eye that says, 'should I be talking to this person, or is there someone else that can do me more personal good'. It is a particular look...I don't know if I am being clear, but it is what struck me the most about with whomever he was talking with at the time. And he could smell a reporter in faster than most. And fly to their side..and park himself.


Col: Should we be worried that our top diplomat sounds like Baghdad Bob? See http://www.presstv.com/usdetail/310612.html

I saw a Russian Oligarch's yacht in San Diego harbor last week.

Is Kerry going to grab that?

Babak Makkinejad

The opposite of that was Hugo Chavez; I heard that when one spoke to him, one felt he was giving one his entire attention.


All over, but specifically NY, LA and Oakland.




Oh yeah, and then there was the attempted bomb plot by the 'Occupiers' to blow up a bridge.



No problem. I can understand that - I feel like a mental midget around here compared to some the giants of their industry who let me stick around and raise a fuss from time to time.


AE: The Zionists have a ready-made answer for ending this suffering. They just ask why the Arab countries didn't validate the ethnic cleansing by making Palestinians full citizens.

If that is a legitimate "solution," then you have wonder why NATO got so bent out of shape when Serbia starting emptying Kosovo of ethnic Albanians. Surely, the moral blame goes to Albania and Macedonia for not thanking Serbia for giving both countries lots of potential new citizens.

The Twisted Genius

I also have a Kerry story. My son and I went to a Caps - Bruins game a few years ago. The Caps won. As we were leaving we came face to face with John Kerry. He appeared subdued at the Bruins' loss. My son, ever the wise ass, asked him, "Why the long face, John?" No answer.



As I understand it from reading news accounts, Hezbollah only ceded about 600 ft to Isreali forces despite Israel having complete control of the sky, and one of the most formidable militaries in the region. That is about the distance from where I park in the Home Depot parking lot to the bathroom at the back of the store. And required three weeks after which Israel retreated. Rather amazing. Also amazing is how Isreal (at least officially) claimed this a success. Given the clear demonstration of force unreadiness, I find it hard to believe Israel was not trying. Instead, I think Israel (or at least its political leadership) believed its own propaganda, which is a recipe for failure. Just my two cents.


Gotta agree with you there. HA executed a pretty excellent defense in depth screening against the tank army that the IDF sent over that was used to beating up on Gaza peasants. They got their shit scrambled, so we got this entire "Oh yeah well wait until next time!" narrative from the Zionist media.

Pound for pound, HA is probably fielding the top light infantry force in the world right now. You send in a bunch of goons used to beating up Palestinian grandmas against that, you're lucky if you only come back with a prolapsed ass.

Alba Etie

Yes- do as I say not as I do . And NATO is still in the former Yugoslavia, with many numbers of blue helmets as well.


Supposedly also a skill Bill Clinton had, at least if you were a "lady".


Hahahaha. Very nice.

Medicine Man

That ground incursion into Lebanon was a pretty remarkable event. I remember wondering at the time if it was a trial run for something larger.

A light but somewhat amusing article about HA for you, Tyler: http://www.vice.com/en_ca/read/paintballing-with-hezbollah-0000151-v19n3


Tyler: Immediately after the war, Dennis Ross came to our WAC and reassured the local Israel Firsters that the IDF had in fact been very successful.

On a personal note, my British ancestors also "won" the Battle of Bunker Hill.


I remember watching it at Wainwright and getting furious about the way the media was presenting it, especially the inane reasons presented for the bombing of Northern Lebanon.

I thought the IDF going 30 feet into Lebanon and then losing a Merkava was a pretty good sign of how things were going to be. Who was responsible for that series of bunker emplacements that just CHEWED the IDF up?

Thanks for sharing the article! It was pretty amusing, especially the human shield tactics and the border drive by, along with the stream of consciousness "this is happening?!" thoughts of the writer.

Medicine Man

Yeah, the IDF did great. I remember reading Uri Avnery's (Israeli peacenik/former Irgun terrorist) commentary on the war at the time. This article here has the gist of it, though it isn't the same one: http://www.countercurrents.org/leb-avnery201206.htm

I remember Mr. Avnery recounting who it appeared that IDF troops didn't know how to bivouac in the field or dig in to resist artillery attacks.

I think Tyler put his finger on it when he observed the IDF are great at beating up Gaza peasants. The occupation has really done a number of the Israeli military.





How Dennis Ross continues to be so horribly wrong yet still move upward would be a mystery to anyone not familiar with the foolishness of our country's ruling elite.

But since he's a memeber of the Chosen, he can have as much blood on his hands as he wants.


Tyler: We live in an inverted world, especially in politics. Those who tell the truth are punished and those who lie are promoted.

The only crime is disagreeing with the Washington Chattering Class.

Compare the careers of those who opposed the Iraq War, for example, with the careers of Dennis Ross, Susan Rice, and Judith Miller. Being right is actually a liabilty.

Medicine Man



I'd say its just 'F-ck up, move up' being applied, but its more than that, of course. You can be as wrong as you wanna be, have blood on your hands up to your elbows, as long as its for the neoliberal, globalists 'R2P' agenda.

Hello, look what they did to Scott Ritter and (possibly) Matthew Hastings.


Re: Scott Ritter - the man is finished forever as a credible critic of American follies.


I recall one article on Frontpage Mag (the cave where Horowitz and Gaffney agitate against Muslims in general and Iran in particular) in which the author lambasted Ritter's, I quote, "anti-war biases". Speaks for itself.

I always wonder in cases like Ritter's, how much of these "stings" is legitimate undercover investigation and where it turns into cops acting as instigators without whom no crime would have been committed.

Same thing with informants tricking the slowest kid at the Islamic book store into becoming a domestic terrorist, riling him up, and providing him with the tools for the crime he will later be arrested for, after which hen will be threatened with jail, probably be coaxed into a rotten plea deal which will send him to jail for the rest of his life anyway.


I honestly wonder how much of Scott Ritter's crimes were of his doing or if someone saw an opportunity and used some domestic cyberwarfare to get rid of a problem.

Its starting to look like PRISM was what got Petraeus' sins out in the open, and there's a question if this entire Snowden affair isn't some sort of Byzantine CIA v NSA throwdown through proxies. I don't think putting some criminal images on one's computer is out of the realm of possibility.

Alba Etie

And what about the British WMD expert that 'committed suicide" right after he called bullshit on Bushcheney's lap dog Tony Blair . Iraq was a cluster f--ck from start to finish .

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