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04 June 2013


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The beaver

So Sen McCain wants to be the "Charlie Wilson" of the Levant :-)

Peter C

McCain should have a weapon in his hands of some sort. The new Jane Fonda of the Levant!


A good lawyer would certainly get him off on Diminnished Capacity (mental). I mean he can quote this site where there are numerous comments calling him "Old Nutsy". John is like a member of our family, you know, that Uncle that goes spouting off on something or another and is a day short of being tossed in the looney bin. God loves him as do we all.


If somebody with no political power were to pull this stunt he'd be up on charges in no time.

Alba Etie

I wonder how much propaganda value al Nusra and others might gain from a Senior Senator endorsing their cause ? Senator McCain may be a 'old Nutsy " here , but does his office and reputation actually benefit the Wahabees in a material way?

William R. Cumming

Class of 58 dwindling fast?

The beaver


Oh Oh, Samantha Power as UN Ambasssador :(
Will she continue with R2P and the regime change policy?

Bill H

In a word, yes. Yikes.


Bill H: No worries. R2P won't be applied to Bahrainis or Palestinians. When the brutalizers are US allies, it's "complicated", you know.


McCain went even much further. He went to Yemen to encourage more jihadists to go to Syria.

Washington wants to send Yemeni Jihadists to Syria
According to several Yemeni-based local newspapers, US Senator John McCain, who briefly visited Yemen earlier this week to offer his support to the coalition government and discuss political and security developments is rumored to have directly urged President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi to facilitate the transfer of Jihadists to Syria.
As the Free Syrian Army is struggling to secure its advances against Syrian President Bashar al-Assas, whose lists of supporters while thin remains mighty in military might, Washington and its allies in the region are said to be looking at ways to swell the ranks of the opposition by allowing foreign fighters to enroll against Assad regime.
In a move which analysts have already qualified as dangerous given the repercussions a similar policy led to in the 1980s, when Jihadists where send to fight off Russian troops in Afghanistan, security experts are worry al-Qaeda will use this opportunity to increase its recruitment pool while offering precious ground experience to its militants, which experience would be use later on against Yemen central government.
A source told several newspapers, "Senator McCain's visit was to drum up support for Jihadist groups fighting Bashar al-Assad regime."

Alba Etie

Gee what could possibly go wrong ?

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