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19 May 2013


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The Twisted Genius

Brigadier Ali,

I have read your latest story several times over the last week. I enjoyed it every time. It's that good. It expresses the universal truth that life is often a crap shoot, but you have expressed this idea in a much more eloquent and amusing way.

From Bhamdoun to Berlin, I've always been aware that no matter how good you are, there is always some out there better than you or luckier than you are. I'm just glad the blind janitor's spin of the wheel has been generally kind to me. May his spins be kind to you, as well.

FB Ali


Thank you! It pleases me greatly that several people whose opinion I value have liked this story.

Understanding that chance plays such a large part in our lives helps to put things in perspective, reducing the import (and, hopefully, the impact) of both success and failure.


I could here the clicking of the wheel when I read the about the blind janitor. This is a very poignant story FB. Thank you for writing this.

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