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02 May 2013


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William R. Cumming

ALAN! You know you are bordering on GENIUS and wondering what you are reading since I have some indication of what you are viewing?

Why do I feel like I have eaten a full meal after reading one of your reviews?

Medicine Man

Welcome back, Prof Farrell. I hope retirement is treating you well.

Firstly, thank you for the critique of Pines. It sounds like a film that abandons telling a well-defined story in favor of making a statement. I suppose there is a place for films like that but I find I don't have much patience these days for films that forget they are entertainment.

Funny you should mention Tropic Thunder. A great flick for the opposite reason; it takes the piss out of film making and actors in equal measure. I wish I could get my wife to watch it. She has a strong irrational hatred of Ben Stiller and won't watch anything with him in it (though she does like his father Jerry).

Lastly, for some reason I found the (tm) you put in Oscar Nominations hysterical. I'd like to see the Hollywood criterati ponder the deep meaning implied there.

Be well.

Maureen Lang

Another spot on & highly enjoyable review, Alan, thanks for posting it. Gentle inquiry: when are you going to give us a write up on more Joan Allen flicks?

Ice Storm!

Being a wheels enthusiast, my lifetime roomie persuaded me to go into the nearest city's lone multiplex to sit through this piece of magoozlum. Hubby enjoyed the heck out of it (Wheels!), & as you mentioned, Alan, it was two years, erm, hours of my life I'll never get back.

What is the attraction of this Gosling guy, anyway? Even 30 years ago I would have found him & his acting "meh."


"Shaved two hours off my life,.."

Hopefully the smell of popcorn will not inspire a remembrance of this or other lost time. Its a good thing theatre's don't sell madeleines.


Before you give up on Gosling, watch Blue Valentine.

Maureen Lang


It has been in heavy rotation on our movie channels- I have seen it.


I didn’t like Silver Linings Playbook but if it made people notice that Bradley Cooper can act, then the movie served a purpose. I’m sure both Cooper and Gosling are good in Place Beyond the Pines but I was doubtful about the material, which this review confirms.

I agree Gosling shouldn’t take any more roles that require a display of tattoos. He was first-rate in the second-rate Ides of March. The movie has one of those un-like-life scenes where a character’s motivations and values shift suddenly and totally, requiring the actor to turn on a dime to make the shift believable, and Gosling pulled it off. I don't know if Gosling is smart, but he acts smart.

Charles I

Hi Alan, hope you're treating retirement well. I tried to give you a heads up n hotmail of Julia Louis-Dreyfuss' appearance on Craig Fergusson last night.

I will lick a stamp in a week and send it to Unlucky Mountain but on the off chance you get this comment, mebbe you posters get some new comment link I dunno, I would be grateful and a dollar up if you'd email Mr. Jeebie from your new co-ordinates. My hotmail ain't the same without ya.



Up to Dartmouth coupla weeks jerk I mean teach FR with the big dogs. Catch you flip flop. AFF

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Dartmouth? Don't catch any Yankee fleas. Hopefully a movie review is in the offing? Or better yet a script!


Been on hiatus. Saw Lone Ranger... Ouch! I speak Yankee but keep my distance exc the odd Spandexed coed. AFF

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