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14 May 2013


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Hank Foresman

I shall post a picture for the committee of correspondence to view.


Several of ours fought there. They were with the 30th Virginia Infantry. The cadets were called to fill the gap after the 30th broke.

William R. Cumming

PL! What is the best book or article on the Battle of New Market and the roles of the VMI cadets?


Moses Ezekiel, VMI 1866, was an interesting person. Checked the Wiki entry on him- he was the first Jewish cadet to attend VMI and later became an internationally renowned sculptor.
The "Sir" honorific is actually from Italian (Cavaliere) or German (Ritter) honors he received.
He would appear to be the subject of what would be a great biography.


He is butied at the foot of the Confederate Memorial in Jackson Circle at Arligton. The statue is his work. The inscription says, "Moses Exekiel, Sergeant in the Corps of Cadets, New Market, Virginia, May 15, 1864." Legend has it that that when he was lodged with a family in Lexington just after VMI was allowed to re-open there was a knock on the door. Opening it he saw General Lee, then president of Washington College, They sat and talked. When, Lee learned that Ezekial would go to Rome to study at the papal art academy he said, "I don't care what you do so long as you do it well. I would not have THEM think we lost because we were unworthy." pl

William R. Cumming

What was the military significance of the New Market Battle?



It resulted in the temporary defeat of part of Grant's master plan. pl


Actually, Siegel the Union commander, was forced out of the Shenandoah Valley. Grant was furious and replaced him. Of the ten VMI cadets who died as a result of the battle, five were killed in action and five more died of their wounds days after the battle. That gives an idea of the costly aftermath after a Civil War battle.



He spelled his name "Sigel." There were 12 cadets KIA and 44 WIA. Sigel was replaced by MG "Black Dave" Hunter a renegade Virginian who delighted in burning his Confederate relatives' homes and property. Heavily reinforced he advanced back up (south) the Valley and captured Lexington where he burned VMI and allowed his men to loot at will throughout Rockbridge county. They spent enough time doing that to allow LTG Jubal Early's forces to arrive at Lynchburg by train from the Richmond front. when Hunter emerged from the Blue Ridge he was so badly defeated by early's smaller force that he fled back west over the mountains to Lexington and then on into West Virginia and down the Kanawha River Valley to the Ohio River. This enabled Early to march north through the Valley to Washington. pl

scott harrop

The "real" stories of Moses Ezekiel are even better. (see his autobiography, Memoirs from the Baths of Diocletian -- much there on his gratitude to Lee's inspiration) Thomas G. Jefferson, (grandson of a cousin of TJ's) died in Ezekiel's care.... and Ezekiel also happens to have been the creator of the two most famous statues at U. of Virginia -- Homer and the TJ Statue in front of the Rotunda. (google my name & "sermon in stone") I'm planning to get more out on Ezekiel.

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