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31 May 2013


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John Minnerath

Happy BD. I have the big seven oh coming up in July.

Margaret Steinfels

Happy Birthday! And many more.

James Vanasek

Col. Lang,

I just chipped in another donation so keep up the good work.

On a different note, I was at my daughter's gymnastic class a few weeks ago and on this occassion the father of my daughter's good friend was there. Whenever we see each other we chat about politics and security issues since that is his professional forte and an interest of mine.

Anyway, during the course of our discussion I mentioned a great website on such things (yours) and he immediately did a double take and asked how in the hell I knew of you.

Turns out, the guy is Mark Reibling and I can't wait to read his book on you as I have been talking to him about it for a couple of years now.

Next time your in town, we'll have to go have some Scotch together!


steve g

Col. Lang
Happy birthday and many more. Glad
to contribute to the ,IMO, best
site for all the myriad topics discussed.

Maureen Lang

Happy Birthday, dear brother, & many more!

Weather.com indicates it should be a summer-like day where you are. Hoping you can get out in that lovely warmth to enjoy your birthday.


Happy Birthday Mr. Lang!

Following your blog has been an education and quite frankly, a joy these past years. Though I am privy to but a sliver of your life, that which you have shared has been meaningful and thought provoking! Keep at er!


Happy birthday, I respect you immensly and trust your analysis.
Huntington Beach Ca.



I had an uncle, Gordon P. Lang who lived where you live. pl


Happy Birthday Colonel!


Colonel, Sir - May 31st is a good day for a birthday - my Old Man shared it with you and so I remember it easily. he survived two WW's and hated the sound of crackers on New Years eve, because it reminded him too much of lying in the trenches during WW1.
Wishing you many more to come in good health. I will drink an old japanese whisky -Suntori - to Yours. (why japanese ? because of your piece on Memorial Day )

Medicine Man

Happy Birthday, Col. May you have many more.

Babak Makkinejad

يوم الميلاد سعيدة

Alba Etie

Happy Birthday Colonel Lang . And most of us respect you immensely and trust your analysis.
I love Huntington Beach ,Ca - one family vacation when I was a teenager we went out on a Party Boat and caught many many bonita - And lost one really big Yellow Fin Tuna . the deck hand said it was likely the two Sea Lions that were following the boat ran off with the tuna .

Lord Curzon

Many happy returns of the day Sir!


Pat - I'll do my part, but in the end our contributions cannot repay you enough for your insight and the thoughtful community you have created here. Many Thanks and Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday Colonel!
Mine's in two days


Happy birthday Colonel Lang!


From the Damascus Omayyad Mosque: after a brief introduction with the Qur'anic story of Maryam mother of Issa, the words sung by the late Sheikh Hamza Shakkour are those of the great Sufi Ibn Arabi, al Sheikh Al Akbar, known to the medievalists as Doctor Maximus.

"My heart has become able
To take on all forms.
It is a pasture for gazelles,
For monks an abbey.

It is a temple for idols
And for whoever circumambulates it, the Kaaba.
It is the tablets of the Torah
And also the leaves of the Koran.

I believe in the religion
Of Love
Whatever direction its caravans may take,
For love is my religion and my faith."




Thanks for the sentiment but I believe that "yowm al-milad" refers to the Nativity whereas "yowm milad" refers to one's birthday. pl

The Twisted Genius


Happy birthday! The upside of not moving as fast as you once did is that you now get to enjoy the scenery a lot more. DOL

Alba Etie

Happy Birthday Col Lang .


Happy Birthday !


Happy Birthday!

robt willmann

How wonderful to be able to celebrate the gift of life ... Happy (delayed) Birthday and, as all should be prepared to say from the latitude of San Antonio on down south -- Feliz Cumpleanos!


Joyeux anniversaire!

Charles I

Happy birthday Pat.

Power's out tress and wires across the road since dinner last night supposed to be installing a tub insert today, not enough light and power, genny's running the essentials - fidge, tv satellite, water & sewer pumps, couple of lamps.

Lay in bed with gratitude praying for Oklahoman's.

Funny how we rebelled a few years ago when you mooted subscriptions but the thought of this space blank makes me snap into position.

Thanks you sir.

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