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08 May 2013


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John Minnerath

The study from Pew:


I betcha you won't hear much about this in the corporate media.

Since when is the Washington Post NOT corporate media? :-)

Aside from that you were right. Obama choose an issue here for which he had no good political arguments or did not try to make such arguments. A political looser issue.


But it's intuitively obvious common sense that "assault weapons" are a problem!

Seriously, anyone who claims that they are entitled not to have to offer a good explanation on matters of controversy, especially in public policy, has to be thought of as a cool-aid drinking shill, no matter what the question, whether foreign or domestic.

Peter C

Perception by the viewers of Hollywood Movies, makes most bad guys, using bad ass firearms, the common weapons in use by criminals. The more sinister the criminal the more powerful the weapon. A desert Eagle .50cal hand gun made by Bass Ass Hebrew's, is fitting for a large muscular criminal. Some sort of unobtainable/affordable fully automatic rifle with the ability to fire long bursts without reloading is common. Of course if the criminal is doing a stealth murder for hire, a suppressor 1.5 inches long that attaches seamlessly is shown.

Of course, drug dealers of any type in the movies always have a very nice automatic pistols to whip or shoot their opponents, or law enforcement.


I've run across this report in many places. One of the more surprising is Talkleft, a civil liberties site strongly aligned with Democrats.


But then they were also early skeptics of the Duke Rape Case media circus.

I do enjoy the cognitive dissonance this creates on the left.



IMO this fatally undercuts the possibility of legislation. pl

scott s.

Note that LA Times cites "two out of three murders" were carried out with guns. But I don't think the BJS report actually mentions "murder". The data come from death certificates "cause of death" submitted to the CDC and published as "National Vital Statistics Report". (In the past I have looked at some literature on the accuracy/reliability of "cause of death" as reported on death certificates and it is a problem worth considering in evaluating reports like this.) At any rate, CDC uses a WHO coding system, of which the following are of interest:
Intentional self-harm (suicide) X72 (handgun) X73 (long gun) X74 (gun - type not determined) *U03 (terrorist)
Assault (homicide) X93 X94 X95 *U02 (same categories) (terrorist U02/U03 is not official WHO)

I'm not sure from a quick read if the BJS data are just from assaults, or also include suicides but either way, not murder (except with a too-casual definition of murder).

Also note that besides the CDC data, most studies of this sort rely on the BJS National Crime Victimization Survey and/or FBI Uniform Crime Reports. Also subject to various reporting/categorization difficulties. Reference sometimes is also made to BATFE "gun trace data". Note that the percentage of gun-related incidents in which a trace is requested and successful is very small, and not at all a random sample.

Babak Makkinejad


Rate of gun homicides per 100,000 in Switzerland - a country with widespread gun ownership

2010: 0.5214

In US, the rate was 3.6

Other years were had the same rough order of magnitude.

Conclusion: gun ownership is not the cause.



Switzerland does nor have a large minority population that likes to shoot each other with guns. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Right, probably because she does not suffer from endemic drug use; they seek their Freedom elsewhere.



All right, I will be more specific. Homicide by firearm is a crime concentrated in the African-American community in the US and the victims are usually African-american. pl

Mark G

Here is a Cnd columnist in mainstream media that sites the Pew Survey and points out that maybe a bit more emphasis on safe gun handling rather than gun control is what is needed to reduce violence further. http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2013/05/10/chris-selley-a-new-narrative-on-american-gun-violence/


I would like to chime in with the rather extensive analysis of crime in general going down with a strong and statistically significant correlation with a fall in environmental lead. I know the source may be suspect but the science is sound.




The Post thing was in a right wing blog. that's pretty minimal coverage and I have heard no mention of this study in any broadcast media. pl

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