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28 May 2013


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Alba Etie

How many missiles & Russian soldiers do these four regiments represent ? And how quick could they be deployed to Syria from the Ashuluk firing range to say the Russian naval base in Tartus ? I believe it was Walrus that observed on another thread how the Russian military beat NATO to the Pristina airport in another long ago 'humantarian intervention ".

Alba Etie

So it was the TTGwho suggested that Russia might pull a "Pristina "


In 1997, Dr. John Hagee asked the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu following:

Do you think Russia ever attack Israel?
The Prime Minister looked at him and replied: "Of course I do.
The Torah (Old Testament) says "

Alba Etie

It also looks like Erdogan and the Fundamentalist have got pretty wide spread unrest on their hands from the moderates & secularist Turks . This should IMO dampen any aspirations Erdogan may have for intervening in Syria .

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