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16 April 2013


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Charles I

or arrest made:

Boston bombing suspect arrested, in custody of U.S. marshalls on way to federal courthouse: reports



But when the quality of surveillance was compromised by the profiteers and the profiteering was exposed by a whistleblower, the profiteering traitors arranged a hunt on the whistleblower


Beaver... that seems like quite a lot of speculation with little evidence.

The idea of the crazed soldier is a popular trope, but I don't think it's born out by the evidence. If you consider suicides rates a rough measure of mental health, then the military population is actually healthier than the civilian population. Suicide rates are lower in the military, and are even lower among combat vets.

Mark Kolmar

Please wait for more information. In the last few years, there was an inwardly-directed suicide bomb threat about 200 feet from my house, and a band of idiot "anarchists" who smashed LEED Platinum windows on local homes, as well as the windows of Whole Foods and a bank. My guts' prejudice says the bombs in Boston were more similar to that.


I am inclined to the two or three utes with the great desire to flip the bird at the rest of the world theory.
Bombs that blow UP not out?
Timing that stinks, 15 second delay is not optimal, 8 to 10 minutes let the crowds be moved to "safety" let the crowds bunch.
I suspect the real culprits are the "keystone kops."
@MB: It wasn't necessary. The USA was sufficiently craven and cowed. Recent events have shown that the cowed and craven might be wearing off. Time to reapply the varnish of home fear to the hoi and the polloi.

William R. Cumming

Some MSM reporting arrests made!


The Ricin letters were mailed before the bombing & discovered just afterwards. Wasn't it the same way with the Anthrax letters & the 9/11 attack?

And weren't the Anthrax letters bi-partisan? I recall Leahy & Daschle - both Democratic Senators - getting them, but I thought there was at least one Republican targetted too. So far, Ricin has gone to President Obama (D) and Senator Something, R-MS; the perpetrator(s) is/are non- partisan - neither Left nor Right.

I've still got my tin-foil hat tuned to the Anthrax thing. I'm convinced that the public story on that one is pure manure.


It seems the FBI is really good at setting up sting operations to ensare foreigners on student visas and loud mouths on jihadi forums but real investigative work is tough!

The amount of 'oh please let this be a white person' coming from the Left is amazing for its naked hatred of 'flyover country'. Salon published a piece entitled "Why you should hope a white American is responsible" which heavily quoted anti white Jew Time Wise. The other narrative seems to be 'oh even if this is a immigrant it has nothing to do with immigration reform so don't even think of it you racist'.


Being an amateur I could not speculate on who or why someone would have a reason to do this heinous act but if your into speculation check out www.imgur.com/a/sUrnA for some potentials.


The media reports that the FBI has a possible image of the bomber. I guess high school drama club costume skills are nigh unattainable or someone that has outfoxed the government so far wouldn't take into account CCTV. Next up: bans on spirit gum & fake beards.

The way the bomber has gotten into the decision making loop of the FBI and is waging psychological warfare (calling in a bomb threat before the vaunted press conference) makes it seem like either the Islamists have upped their game or someone new is playing hardball.


That's my point. Massive lower extremity injuries at a running event seems planned, as if the types of injuries were more important than the numbers. Of course, a device left in the seated areas might have called attention.


Tyler, why couldn't the desire for a white, domestic culprit stem from an aversion to the ensuing war abroad were the crimes committed by an Asian or North African Muslim? In other words, are you so sure the Left hates the Mid-West? And are you positive people aren't simply fed up with the mismanagement of the "GWOT" from both Rep. and Dem. administrations?


A newscaster yesterday said the bombs contained nails without heads. He wondered whether the heads had been blown off from the force of the explosion or the whether the heads had been sawed off. The stupidity of these newscasters never ceases to amaze. 16 p. nails and ball bearings would have done much more damage. It seems to be the work of an amateur.


Maximum publicity would be when the world class runners are going across the finish line, not four hours later. Faulty timers? I wonder why there were no cell phone triggers?


Better pray that the suspect isn't a member of the Iranian military. We all know what would follow.


"The way the bomber has gotten into the decision making loop of the FBI and is waging psychological warfare"

I think the 'psychological warfare' comment is an understatement. Flying back from Tampa today I had the joy of watching TSA send a 70 YO grey haired wheelchair bound woman through the x-ray machine. Of course it's still shoes off for everyone. How many 'terrorists' did we catch doing either (X-raying grandma or a couple billion shoes per year)?

I am rather glad the Senate voted down the Obama gun control push. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail with this too. We should stop taking the council of the fear mongers and start doing some thinking about real risks and take appropriate actions.


If more than one person is involved, someone will eventually brag or engage in pillow talk with the wrong girl.

Mark Logan

I think he probably spent a lot of time thinking this out, so I see it as an indication of something.

Struggle with the morals? I don't know.


What color is the sky in your world? After Nidal Hassan killed members of the US Army in an act of terrorism which country did we go to war with? After Cho Hyung Pak shot up Virginia Tech which country did we go to war with? After Chris Dorner's rampage what country did we go to war with?

I'm pretty positive from all the baited breath, blame the right wing first above all else 'reporting' that the MSM is doing that yes, they hate the flyover country from their ivory towers in fantasy island.

If you think Obama is about to go to war over this I have a bridge to sell you.


By rational thinking you mean buying a pressure cooking ends up with you on a 'watch' list.

I am also glad that Obama's gun grab attempt was voted down. He was so prissy and mad that he didn't get his way after he stood on those dead children and waved the bloody shirt.

robt willmann

With the nifty title, "Give It Arrest", the Chartgirl, Hilary Sargent, while advising that she got that great title from another person, has put together a nice graphic of the contradictory stories put out by the media on Wednesday, 17 April 2013, about the bombing at the Boston Marathon, in which we were treated to the surreal spectacle of "news stories" saying that an arrest had been made, an arrest was imminent, and there has been no arrest!


robt willmann

In a similar vein to the Chartgirl chart, here is an amusing, 90-second video compilation of the media mishmash that was 17 April and the arrest, imminent arrest, and no arrest in the Boston Marathon bombing--


Dr K

I'm sure you said the same thing about Bush and Giuliani standing on the dead after 9/11.

no one

Tyler, My theory is that the bomber is an older white male and a US citizen - a unibomber type - not because I want it to be, but because that is the profile. He is a sociopath and is motivated by this alone. There really is no political grievance. He just gets off on causing chaos and pain. It makes him feel powerful. The call that disrupted the FBI press conference supports my theory. The call pumped him up. Increased the sense of power and control.


Hey man, we haven't met. Your tone seems insulting and I'm curious as to why. I've reread my statements and realize I should have written, "Muslim groups based in Asia or N. Africa." I see your point about lone actors.

You've misread my thought if you think I'm blaming the right wing. I do think the last Rep. admin. botched the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Dem. admin. hasn't been much better.

So, I don't think POTUS is going to war over a lone actor, but I was worried that if a group claimed responsibility, we'd ramp up the war machine again.

I forget, what's your background? Do I remember military with ME experience?

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