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05 April 2013


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John Minnerath

Darn I wish someone would get a good picture.
Something other than what could be an old log, or piece of water logged rowboat, or any one of the bits of flotsam that bob about on big lakes.
I've been a Nessie fan for years, but I keep being disappointed.

Now Bigfoot--- we have lots of old reprobates wandering around here who could fit right in.


john minnerath

whatever it is, it is moving in the water. if you look at the daily Mail piece linked to you will see water motion rings in the water on the picture with a greater resolution. pl

John Minnerath

Yes, I could see that. I even put the image into Photoshop to see if I could enlarge and sharpen it more.
It may have been just some wind bouncing what ever it is and causing ripples.

I'd still love to spend a summer out on Loch Ness looking for it.

The Twisted Genius

Few things would please me more than to see verified video proof of Nessie frolicking in the Loch. This photo is intriguing, but I want a lot more. Like John, I'd love to spend a summer on Loch Ness in a shanty boat, just sitting, thinking and watching... and messing about in a sailing dinghy.



http://www.capedory.org/specs/brochures/CD10_14.pdf I had a 14 for a long time. I sailed it on Stilwell lake at West Point as well as various New Hampshire ponds and lakes including Square Pond and Winnipesaukee. it was a lovely boat. It had hull lines like a clipper ship. It wa all bronze fittings and fine wood over the white fiberglass hull. The only problem with it was that it was a little tender to windward. A cadet who is now a retired colonel and reading this was at the helm one day and steered up into a gust too much. the big cat sale sped us up and when the gust died we went under by the port bow like a submarine. All of a sudden the hull was completely under water and the boat was flooded. It did not sink and we pushed it back to shore swimming behind it. pl

The Twisted Genius


That's a nice little boat. Enough varnished wood and bronze to be truly salty, but with an easy to maintain fiberglass hull. Your experience with submarining sounds like a good reason to reef often and reef early. How did that big cat rig handle downwind in a breeze? I'd worry about it submarining in a downwind blow.

I'm looking at this 12 foot cruiser-sailer designed by John Welsford out of NZ as something I can handle well into my 80s and beyond. It's proved exceptionally seaworthy and fits in a standard garage. The design is gaining quite a following as a plywood build from kit or plan. A fiberglass model is also under construction.




Clearly the intelligence services and the FBI have been sleeping on the job. What will it take for them to recognize that Nessie is as much a national security threat as Iran?

When they eventually do wake up, they may realize that Nessie could do amazing things for their budgets...


Shame on you for inhaling the Daily Mail.


My friend Charlie Wyckoff had gone after Ness with towed side scanning sonars. Some big animals down there but nothing conclusive as to what they were. Also large submersed trees that may occasionally surface.



The level of wonkery here gets to be ridiculous at times and there is also too much solemnity. Not you. With regard to my old sailing dinghy, it sailed very well before the wind. With the weight well aft she would start to plane. The bow would come up out of the water beautifully. pl


If I had more time, such an expedition would be grand. All one would need is a top line multibeam sonar (have). Below you can see one used for diver identification:


And I imagine after a few weeks of total immersion, I might add a taste for the Highlands Malts....

SAC Brat

The better parts of New York state claim to have cousins of Nessy seen in Seneca Lake and Lake Champlain.


Whether it is the legendary Nessie, whether it is a slowly surfacing submerged tree, I don't care. I have been to Loch Ness on a gray sodden day, and I saw Nessie with my own eyes. It may be only the magic of the loch, but I joined the herd.

Nessie NEEDS to be real. Bigfoot, yeah, maybe I could go for that, but there is a romance to Nessie that the smelly sasquatch can never match IMO.

This is so much more fun than North Korea.

Basilisk (perhaps a relative of Nessie)



Yes. To stand at Urquhart castle and look out across the pond is one hell of a thing. pl

John Minnerath

There's just something about that Loch, in fact all of Scotland. It's always seemed a magical place I've wanted to see.

Charles I

It does seem to me that prior to the development of photography, miracles and monsters abounded but since we got the kit, they're verrrrrry hard to pin down.

As for Bigfoot, Sasquatch up here, I have sent a photo to Pat that elicited and I quote "Is this some kind of Sasquatch thing?" I think you could make out a foot.


Applying sophisticated analytical methods in assessing the data available, a persuasive nypothesis emerges. Lying on the bottom of Loch Ness are Saddam's WMDs being guarded by the last descendant of the ancient Babylonian Leviathon that ruled the seas. Their location is known only to his blood heirs who, at this very moment, are in tense discussions with Ayatollah Khomeini.

Advice to CIA: follow the pistaschio shells!

Jim Ticehurst

Actually...Its a Very Large Scottish Bigfoot...taking its annual BATH...Some call him "Ally Oop.." Sometimes his Pet Dino can be seen swimming too...The actual Size is determined by the quanity of Scotch you drink...



I like mine Lagavulin big.pl

Jim Ticehurst

Olamid Deoch-Slainte...!

To Our Health...!


Long's "The Making of Bigfoot: The Inside Story" blows out the most famous hunched-strolling Bigfoot movie as a hoax. He found the actor, and the company that sold him the gorilla suit; custom head. Killer clues: hair is all the same color, no shading, as you'd expect from '67 gorilla suit; soles of feet look like bunnie-suit sleeper booties, and he had them reversed by mistake so right foot has left foot sole when he walks over the log. Excellent book, worth reading. Gorillas were unconfirmed by Western folk until 1849, recent. May this Nessie turn out to be real.



if you mean the Patterson/Gimlin film, I disagree. I have looked at computer enhancements of the film in which changes in facial expression are clearly visibly including the mouth opening and closing. I don't know what that is but I don't think it is a man in a monkey suit. what puzzles me about the bigfoot legend is why a body would not have been found on a road if there are such animals. pl

David Habakkuk

Michael Brenner,a

I think I have the ‘inside gen’ on this. You see, I live around the corner from the pub where the ‘fifth man’ John Cairncross used to meet his Soviet handler. Some years back, Poliakov dropped in – a nostalgia trip as it were – and we struck up a friendship. So he feeds me titbits from time to time.

He says all you need to do is look at a map. Loch Ness points directly down towards Loch Gare, where the so-called British ‘independent deterrent’ is based. So back in the Seventies the GRU smuggled in a midget submarine armed with short-range nuclear missiles, the whole thing designed for remote control activation by spetsnaz. What better cover story could there have been than Nessie?

Unfortunately ‘Polly’ is a bit vague about who is operating the sub now. Once, with rather a lot of Glenmorangie downwind, he suggested that some time in the late Nineties Karla, in alliance with the Thompson Gang – notorious Glasgow gangsters – had handed it over to Al Qaeda, who however haven’t yet learned to operate the remote control properly. The more probable version, however, is that when the spetsnaz found they weren’t being paid any longer, they sold the sub at a rock-bottom price to the Daily Mail.

The MoD obviously wanted the story hushed up, to avoid egg on their faces, so the paper simply keeps the sub in reserve, so that sightings can be arranged to provide something to fill the paper on slack news days.

no one

It could be that bigfoots go to highly secluded "grave yards" (like elephants) to die and that, if they don't make it there, fellow bigfoots will retrieve the body and carry it to be with the bones of the ancestors.

I have wondered why none have been shot, even if mistakenly by bear hunters.


no one

The more I hear supposed Bigfoot behavior discussed the less it sounds like an animal. I have heard theories that such creatures use existing man made woodland paths to migrate. The Appalachian Trail is one such cited. It is laid out roughly north-south and wold be convenient for moving with the seasons. True cross country movement in wooded country is difficult over long distances. There are also open lean-to shelters along the trail. pl

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