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22 April 2013


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The leadership of both parties agreed before debate began on the proposed gun bill to have an open amendment process and that 60 votes would be required to invoke cloture on any of the amendments and the whole bill itself. The US Constitution was written in the belief that majorities should not be allowed to impose their will on minorities, That is why the system is structured to deny absolute power and why the Great Compromise resulted in each state having two senators. In earlier correspondence you indicated that you would not have objected to the outcome if it had been a vote on the legislation. It was that. I do not wish to live in what Mr. Jefferson referred to in horror as a "centralized" state. It is ironic that you decorated this piece with a picture of a statue of a Massachusetts Minuteman. They all owned their own guns and were part of a minority (the Patriot side) that succeeded in imposing its will on the 25% of Americans who were Loyalists and the 50% who thought the Patriots were a pain in the ass. You are a native of Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley. Outside the Washington metro suburbs and the college towns like yours there is very little support for more gun control in the Commonwealth. I guess you are a minority yourself. In any event I think the senators who voted no voted their constituencies. The 90% thing is bogus propagandist trickery. pl

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