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21 April 2013


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That is sure going to be an interesting trial when the defense starts subpoenaing all the Watertown police so they can testify under oath as to who ran over whom.
Any civil suits yet on defacto house arrest? I saw a story saying the Boston police asked Dunkin Donuts to stay open. How much money did their competitors lose over the illegal closure of their businesses?

steve g

Re: Peter King

An avid supporter of the IRA.
Met many members in Northern Ireland.
What is that old axiom? One man's
"terrorist" is anothers'"Freedom Fighter"


"Surely someone knew that he was on the kind of websites which attract security attention?"

How would they know that without a search warrant to allow tapping his communications? What probably cause did law enforcement have to get one?

William R. Cumming

Actually Peter King has always excepted IRA members or sympathsizers from his preventive detention analysis.

And Congressman King no longer chairs the Permanent Committee on Homeland Security in the House which has largely failed in its goal of comprehensive HS legislative reform since its inception.

The Pariot Act by the way was largely an off-the-shelf wish list long desired by the DoJ before 9/11/01!


No I really would not have prefered that. Im just surprised because I assumed someone somewhere (ok probably some algorithm somewhere) was checking my credit card spending patterns, web site usage etc. I had assumed anything Google can do the NSA can do. I then made the mistake of assuming the NSA would share this information with the FBI.


I would not take a bet that they thought they needed a search warrant to 'tap' his 'communication'. It is an open question--among about a few dozen other open questions--whether IP addresses, or search terms, for that matter, are 'protected' communications. It may be deemed no more than pen register info. Or, whatever it is deemed, it may have no "reasonable expectation of privacy".

The beaver

Aren't they supposed to do just that after the 9/11 event and that's why you have NSA agents in all the Internet NAS (either ATT or Verizon or the former Qwest).
Isn't NSA building a spy center in Utah?

Charles I

Surely that's what this is about.


harry and beaver

NSA does not attempt to monitor all the communications in the world. That exceeds their capacity. Therefore prioritization and tasking by interested parties like the FBI is necessary. so far as I know the Utah facility is a very large storage and analytic facility. There has been a lot of effort for years to move facilities away from Washington. Given what they do, NSA can do it from anywhere. pl


How did they get an M4? Also no one is saying how the transit officer was shot.

Babak Makkinejad

I read that US Senate attempted at defining "terrorism" through legislation in early 1980s.

During each review of the proposed legislation, the government lawyers came back, stating "US Government would then be in breach of US Law."

The effort was dropped.


He has been charged with "using a weapon of mass destruction." Even in the face of a tragic event and in addressing a serious judicial question, our masters cannot conceal the underlying truth that they missed their calling as script writers for Saturday Night Live. One can easily imagine the PR guys in the White House on the hot line with their counterparts at the Justice Department debating what tag line might win their bosses a tiny uptick on the favorability rating. And then have their recommendation approved by Obama and Holder - likely with input from Valerie Jarrett.

Cold War Zoomie


Both brothers are "US Persons."

NSA would never have targeted them.


Those who realize this create a samurai class.



By realizing it? pl

robt willmann

I have wondered who the authors of the Anti-Patriot Act were ever since it was stampeded through Congress. The writer Gore Vidal pointed out how it was presented to Congress "with the speed of light", as he thought it was something already to some extent or even completely prepared.

My guess is that it was largely prepared ahead of time as well, but since proposed legislation does not write itself, some people sat down and drafted that monstrosity. I suspect that Michael Chertoff, who was (unfortunately) chief of the Criminal Division of the Justice Department at the time of September 11, 2001, had a hand in it at some point.


A couple of points. the Chechens ran the main mafiya groups in Moscow before the breakup of the Soviet Union. Thus, there had long been an underlying dislike of the Chechens by the Soviet/Russian security forces.

Graham is a reserve Air Force JAG-the USAF tries far fewer courts martials than the Army or Marines. That lack of criminal trial experience might be partly what is behind Graham's position. He just doesn't know the realities of military justice. And the Military Commissions (of which the uniformed JAGs wanted no part) have been a disaster.


I think a samurai class happens naturally in a stratified and insecure situation in the sense that the guards want more respect and money (therefore they are happy to depart the harsh ordinary economy to be samurai), and the leaders realize that they had better offer at least those people respect and money. The use of "samurai" sounds goofy, apologies. I don't have the breadth of historical knowledge to point to things outside of Japan, Imperial China, or feudal Europe, really, it just makes sense to me.

A samurai class is not a horrible thing... the decay of the Manchu Banners with no Imperial replacement brought chaos not some sort of brotherhood of man.

If I really wanted to flog the idea I could try to argue that the breakdown/corruption/death-throes of this arrangement brought havoc in Europe and Japan. I think that would be weak and incomplete but it is worth trying to 1) crudely quantify how dependent a social order is on such a class, and 2) see how that correlates to what becomes of that social order (internal/external violence when it is supplanted).

Sorry if this is grad-student-y. The extent of my personal experience on the matter is negligible.


Further, it is not clear whether the Tsarnaev's actions fit the federal definition of terrorism. whether the bombing fits the US government's definition of "terrorism". Some have noted that "absolutely no evidence has emerged that the Boston bombing suspects acted 'in furtherance of political or social objectives'" or that their alleged act was 'intended to influence or instigate a course of action that furthers a political or social goal.'" Even a former CIA Deputy Director, Phillip Mudd, said on Fox News on Sunday that at this point the bombing seems more like a common crime than an act of terrorism.



If it is true that the surviving brother has stated that their motive was defense of Islam against a supposed Western general offensive against Islam how would this not fit the definition of terrorism? Islam is by just about any Islamic conception a religio-political system. pl


Sounds like you're describing feudalism.

William R. Cumming

Babak you are correct that the government itself often violates its own codified standards. But the government controls who gets prosecuted or when so no likelyhood of turning against its own deficiencies.

And PL there are hints at a saga behind the IC and its coverage of Soviet minorities and Soviet efforts before its breakup and even now against Islamic minorities. Is that discussed in open source books, articles or blogs anywhere?

William R. Cumming

PL one more for the road please? How does Stephen Cohen, PhD, a former [maybe still?] Princeton U. Sovietologist rank on his knowledge of Islam and its relationship to the Soviet Union and/or Russian Federation?



If the "city people" wish to avoid an ever deepening structural political crisis in the US they must accept the present constitutional structure of the country. they have no ability to change the constitution against the will of the more rural states and so should accept the inevitable. As for people like Cohen, he was a good Sovietologist. many of them were not even that. These people know nothing of Islam. pl


Yes, I believe that the First World is devolving into neo-feudalism. Austerity and Wall Street corruption are symptoms of this new world order.

The mass citizen armies that arose with the Swiss Pike Square, evolved through the Grande Armee and the Union Army into the Soviet Peoples Army became archaic in 1945 with the first explosion of Atomic weapons. Because the elites no longer need a mass army to defend their wealth from other oligarchs; they are free to neutralize democratic government and ignore the lower classes who provided the cannon fodder and who occasionally revolted.

If humankind is to survive, an Atomic Praetorian Guard will be needed to secure and maintain atomic weapons. In time I expect that the Air Force Global Strike and Naval Submarine Forces Commands will be joined to form a Neo-American Warrior class; born and raised to maintain Edward Teller’s legacy.

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