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10 April 2013


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I meant only that one should not use the fact that some criminals are muslim to denigrate all muslims or for that matter Pakistanis.

You may be right about Obama's commitment to this cause. Forgive my cynicism.

no one

Yes Fred. It's not just the Army. Remarkably (is that the right word?) even the Corps has established, since 2005, a mandatory screening for PTSD.


It's probably not a bad idea in theory and at least someone probably had the best interests of service men and women - in addition to the effectiveness of the organization - in mind when this was conceived.

Maybe someone is having problems and needs help.

However, given that it seems increasingly probable that any findings of the screenings will be used to deny vet.s their rights........


Legal? Whatever happened to 'probable cause'? Fourth Ammendment restrictions on government actions? Guess that went out with the NYC stop and frisk policy.


Think of the innocent - treat everyone as mentally ill and then there will never be a 'should have'. Now about these mentally ill and ropes (suicide), knives, bats etc? Not a word, since this is about ending the right to firearms at some point.


I have no hard idea what happened to the GOP in NY, but I imagine the fact that the statist Nanny Bloomberg would throw billions to defeat them weighed heavily on their minds (see the special Illinois election).

Not that such a thing is an excuse, but let's not pretend this occured in a vacumn as opposed to Cuomo and Bloomberg standing on a pile of dead children declaring anyone in opposition to want more dead children. This in addition to the fact the 'law' was railroaded through at the 11th hour.


Of course they have to register the guns to make sure that they go through the background check. This is a salient fact that the Leftists on this board refuse to acknowledge.

The 'family' exception is just more flim flam/smokescreens, because otherwise what stops private transactions between free citizens?


You already need to go through an FFL & NICS check for internet sales! The unashamed ignorance of the opposition knows no bounds.

This is just the thin edge of the wedge before they say we have to register our guns to enforce the law 'because of the children'.


Its all ethnic greivance politics nowadays. McDonalds and 'nation of immigrants' pap, PC/multicult nonsense are what goes nowadays for what America is.


As I said before in a thread about gays & and women in the combat arms - they don't care about the combat veterans, right now its all about making SURE that we know that we don't matter. We get our balls and legs blown off, we leave behind widows and orphans, but our opinions don't matter because the utopia must be achieved at all costs.

If we are the victims of their insane, self-destructive policies then so be it. We pay the price as they march on in their ivory towers for a more perfect world.


Which guns did Adam Lanza buy?


No you see guns are only for the 'right' people.

I'm disgusted at the actions of law enforcement in that state.


I know. To paraphrase "Blazing Saddles" - Search warrant? We don't need no stinking search warrant.


Don't worry though, if you are a liberal who already spoke publicly about your experience fighting depression you'll be the victim if your opponent brings it during the election campaign, as is coming out in the latest illegal taping of a member of the Senate:


Edward Amame

It's currently possible to legally purchase a gun offline from a private seller advertising online who lives in your state without a background check.


Its always been a matter of 'for thee, not for me'.


And these laws would stop that how?


Well, they're already starting to float trial balloons about 'racism' and 'homophobia' being mental.disorders. I'm sure that push and the one to take guns away are totally unrelated.

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