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04 April 2013


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William R. Cumming

Estimated that 40% of adult Americans on some kind of psychotropic drugs--legal or illegal! How does this estimate if accurate relate to guns and their control?



Interesting, how many people in the WH staff are former users other than the president? pl


If they can't be trusted with a gun why can they be trusted with a child?

no one

1 in 5 (20%) school age children are diagnosed with a mental disorder ostensibly serious enough to require treatment with prescription drugs. According to the American Psychological Association, the percent of adult Americans on psychotropic drugs for some form of diagnosed psychiatric disorder is approximately the same (20%). This represents a 22% increase over the previous decade.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that PTSD afflicts:
•Almost 31 percent of Vietnam veterans
•As many as 10 percent of Gulf War (Desert Storm) veterans
•11 percent of veterans of the war in Afghanistan
•20 percent of Iraqi war veterans

Will all of these individuals be excluded from owning guns?

I am almost afraid to ask (maybe someone will declare me paranoid and in need of joining the medicated club), but is there a pattern here? A conflux of cultural phenomena leading to some elitist cabal becoming the masters of great hordes of docile zombies?

Brave new world indeed. Aldous Huxley must be looking down, screaming "I told you so!"


no one

"just look here at this shiny little flashlight." pl

SAC Brat

Time to push for an updated Militia Act of 1792?


r whitman

I wonder how many members of this Committee of Corespondence are users or former users??

r whitman

Does anyone know-- was the same sort of loaded survey question used for polling on same-sex marriage?


I believe Schumer is on record as saying that they should definitely yank guns from veterans with PTSD because 'the children!' or something.


r Whitman

Morning Joe said the other day that the polling data on SSM was "a mirage" for the same reason. pl


r. whitmn

I used to be a pipe smoker(Balkan Sobranie and burley)I have some nice old briars, Comoy, etc. I also like Manhattans. There, I went first. pl

William R. Cumming

Clinton never admitted to Cocaine usage but did for MJ. Documented usage of cocaine seems accurate however.

President Obama admitted to use of both MJ and cocaine if memory serves correctly.

Psychologists are legally barred from prescribing medications.

Many GPs totally unqualified to prescribe psychotropic drugs but continue to do so.

PROZAC NATION an eye opener for me.

Edward Amame

Just to throw in my two cents in.

I really don't have a dog in this fight. I don't own a gun and I live in a place where the chance of being the victim of a gun crime or accident or whatever is pretty slim. So all this is academic to me, probably like most people polled or otherwise. I will be happy if Congress passes background checks. If not, I will just chalk it up to yet another pathetic example of a Congress utterly unable to act for all the usual corrupt reasons and move on.

The real passionate sides in this fight seem to be gun owners and the families of victims of gun crimes. Wayne LaPierre and the NRA make it even easier for guys like me to root for the victims. The unbending, absolutist attitudes of a lot of gun owners is a real turn-off, too.

And I've gotta say, I don't know the MSM you refer to from a hole in the wall, but the Dick Cheney/Condi Rice/mushroom cloud analogy could also be easily applied to how Wayne LaPierre and the NRA of late.


Edward Amame

You and all the other islanders are funny. Because you are losing, you lecture the rest of us on our "unbending" foolishness. What about all the anti-gun fanatics and media quislings who are screaming about this every day? I mentioned the Bush/neocon a------s and their betrayal of the American soldier. You have nothing to say about the bullying your side is engaged in. I was willing to compromise on gun sale checks until it became evident what the game really is. No more. I wrote my two senators today to tell them that if they vote in favor of anything on this except more sharing of mental health data with the existing gun sales check system I will support their opponents financially and politically in any future election. I urge all here to do the same. pl

The Twisted Genius

I agree. Polls like this are nothing but lies and dishonesty. They are also just another part of "perception management" and shaping the narrative. It seems most groups pushing any kind of agenda are willing and adept practitioners of these dark arts. True straight talkers are a rare breed.

I don't think the WH did a very good job of shaping the narrative to support their gun control legislation at all. I still doubt they'll get anything out of congress... not even background checks. Let the states work on this. Connecticut just passed some fairly draconian legislation. I could actually live with the Connecticut legislation if I had to. I'd only have to register some 20 round M1 carbine magazines with the state police. The NY legislation would be a lot more onerous. This kind of legislation would have no place in many other states.

I think wider background checks would be a good idea, especially if done on the local level. Maybe the Newtown police chief would have denied Mrs. Lanza from having firearms in her home. She may have been mightily pissed about this infringement of her 2A rights, but a tragedy could have been adverted.

As no one said, there are a lot of people with problems who would probably be better off without easy access at least temporarily. I agree with the NRA. This is a mental health issue. But that means it's an expensive issue. Where would that money come from? Here's a turd in the punchbowl. How about a $2,500 tax on the manufacture or importation of any semiautomatic firearm? Don't make them illegal, just expensive.

There. I stirred the pot enough for one comment.



Absolutely opposed. I don't think a Ruger 10-22 should have a $2,500 tax on it. pl

no one

"As no one said, there are a lot of people with problems who would probably be better off without easy access at least temporarily. I agree with the NRA."

Just to be clear, TTG, I was saying that a) Something is going on with all of these citizens being diagnosed and drugged b) I'm not sure what the hell it is c) I am suspicious that it is NOT necessarily because these people are actually mentally ill and in need of drugs.

Maybe they just can't sit still in the classroom and soak up the silly lefty propaganda that's awash in public places these days.

That being said, I think you make a good point re; local permitting. The local sheriff is going to know a lot more about you and your situation than some official within a far removed bureaucracy.

That is if permitting and other controls are really needed and/or desired

However, nice an idea as local permitting seems, I am completely with our host on this topic at this point. Given the dishonesty of the gun controllers, their sleazy tactics and their thinly veiled end game of confiscation of all guns, I do not favor any form of compromise whatsoever.

The Twisted Genius

no one,

Back in the day, you were just called a little hell raiser and you had the ability to blow off steam with schoolyard fights and shooting rats at the dump rather than being pumped up with medications. A nice long stint standing in front of the principal's office or a good smack on the ass now and then were other remedies. At least that stuff worked in my case


For a couple hundred years the US managed to survive, prosper and become more free without determining that 20% of their children were so ill as to require constant medication. Why the change, other than the centralization of federal power and in the ever increasing populations within metropolises?


Yeah, the liberal no longer spit on veterans, they just label a third of us as unstable.


I would say no because that is federal legislation. What the states should do is enact their own militia acts that would create a state militia not subject to federal authority.

The Twisted Genius


I agree that $2,500 is awfully steep for a Ruger 10-22. I also think $200 in 1934 dollars was awfully steep for a Thompson submachine gun. I know they reduced the tax from $200 to $5 for some short barreled 22LR/410 weapon a few years after implementing the NFA of 1934. Being a tax that whole idea is a nonstarter anyways.


SSM has such high 'favorability', if you want to call it that, because the exposure most people have with homosexuals is the quirky, fun, well dressed type that the media narrative pushes. The reality of the other 1 to 3 % isn't all sunshine and roses, but most people don't hear about things like Folsom Street Fair, so they wonder what the big deal is. Its hard to explain things like 'breakdown of social order' to people who've been spoonfed 'civil rights!' and 'if it doesn't hurt anyone, why do you care' their entire lives.

Something like 70% of Republicans own guns, and 48% of Democrats do as well, so they know their guns aren't getting up and murdering people in the night all by their lonesome. The fact that the gun grabbing elite are so clueless about firearms doesn't help anything either, and its obvious that its yet another 'for me, not for thee'.

FWIW, Cyprus has incredibly restrictive gun laws. Take from that what you will.

John Minnerath

So call me an absolutist.
When the GCA of 1968 was passed a lot of us were unhappy, but we thought OK, it'll keep the anti gun crowd off our backs and we can live with it.
Then the AWB of 1994 was passed.
Outrageous, but OK we can deal with it.
Now the anti gun people want more draconian laws.
They like to hold up England and Australia as examples of how well that works.
I'm at the point now I would like to see the NFA of 1934 repealed!
Central Wyoming College just held a discussion about new and further gun control laws.
There was the usual group of very left leaning folks who though absolutely more control was needed.(such people are a tiny minority in this state)
The County Attorney and the Chief of Police of the largest town in the county spoke out strongly on why such ideas were bad and how the 2nd Amendment is as important now as it was when adopted.
That society needs to focus on civic values, the only people who would be affected by new controls being talked about are the law abiding citizens. That an armed citizenry can help deter crime.
All you people who want to see a disarmed and neutered USA can go pound sand.


IMHO I think the Connecticut legislation is going to be overturned in short order.

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