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28 April 2013


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robt willmann


I found additional information saying that Israel has signed the Chemical Weapons Convention but has not ratified it, meaning of course that Israel has not legally agreed to it and it would not be binding on Israel.

Syria has neither signed it nor acceded to it.



Babak Makkinejad

No, as our friend the ConfusedPonderer elaborated in the last post.


6 states have not signed the treaty:

North Korea
South Sudan

2 states have signed but not ratified it:



So, on one side, there's a Ba`athist regime, Iranian mollahs, Lebanese Hezbollahis, and some inscrutable former Soviet imperialists ... and on the other side, there's some Ikhwan backed by Gulf Arabs, an army of some 10,000 theocratic gangsters on Spring Break, and enough Kurds in play to make Turkish nightmares come true.

Look, I've spent some wonderful years in Syria and have just spent the better part of a year helping Suriani friends get resettled, but if Syrians and their neighbors are so keen on killing one another, who are we to stop 'em. And while I wouldn't probably recommend arming all sides, one can understand the temptation.

> " Saudis are almost as good at manipulating gullible and naïve American officials"

... such as K-Street PR firms in the 90s who are part of the reason nearly all Americans regard the Balkans civil war as something other than what it was.


"Apparently the likud/neocon/wilsonian/R2P crowd see a US war in Syria as a necessary predicate to bullying the US into a war with Iran. "

Good luck with that. Bush knows he was played for a fool by this group and more certainly so does Obama.

Another shortsighted war with even more counterproductive results? Not likely with Obama. Its legacy time and what is the upside?

War with Iran? Hoping not to overestimate the intelligence of the American public, but with the Iraqi debacle fresh in their minds, that would be a fairly amazing propaganda campaign.

Babak Makkinejad

Yes, you are right; the idea of "Greater Syria" has appeal to many Lebanese who think that unification with Syria will work better than Lebanon - a country created for the Christian Arabs.

It is probably too late for the "Greate Syria".



Hopefully they won'r succeed but they are trying. pl

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