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07 April 2013


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I am struck by the truth of what you say of Kerry's world. Do they imbibe this dogma in prep school? In my own life I remember a career ambassador who was Harvard or Yale BA, Oxbridge MA and who had served long in the ME. He said to me In Saudi Arabia in 1982 that he thought that Islam was a declining factor in the lives of Arabs. I thought he was joking at first but then his oh, so chic and elegant European wife assured me that this was true and that I should think more carefully of the matter. BTW I hosted PH at something for several days when she was seventy plus. My! My! pl


She's from a liberal family in Chicago, went to Johns Hopkins and the press loved her. Apparently none of the press have any time for patrolling with the troops, that would enlighten them and also increase their chances of getting knocked off.


As well as incredibly photogenic. So with those impeccable credentials its not surprising.

These hearts and minds missions always made you pucker. A four hour lecture and they expected you to be able to do the job of an "A" Team. Our section chief felt the same way and managed to get us some high ground with the mortars. I'd much rather climb a rock with a baseplate on my back then have a bunch of kids and adults running in between trucks screaming and yelling for pencils and notebooks.


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...

Sir, I called what you described 'utopia blinders' in another thread on SST. Its the belief that if we only make people act in this way, or ignore this fact of humanity everything will change forever and we'll all be living in a best case scenario. Its why things have been getting worst in our society for decades now, but the Left continues to double down on the same old policies that got us here in the first place.

Alba Etie

If only we had occupied Riyadh instead of Baghdad ...


She was also the control officer for Kerry when he visited Kabul, so he had a more personal interest. The troops were killed with her, in making a trip to a school. The military has protocol for public identifying KIA, and the time had not elapsed since notification.


"I think US is helping Saudi Arabia to make Wahabi Islam as the dominant form of Islam in the world."

How would this benefit the US?



It won't, quite the opposite. We would be better offif the 12er Shia and the Sufis were the dominant forms of Islam. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Persumably by offering an alternative to the ideas of Ayatollah Khomeini. This has been going on for 30 years.


May I present an alternative view of why this plan is being dusted off.

I think the Arabs voted for it then as a dare to Israel that they knew would never be accepted, but the Middle East of today is very different to the one of 2002. Saddam is gone, Ghaddafi is gone and if Assad goes and is replaced by the collaborationst SNC, there is no actual state that will any longer truly replace any kind of resistance to US policy. Added to that, the Qatari plan is going well, they have bought off all of North Africa and are happily killing Syrians by the bus load, and Qatar has no qualms about openly dealing with Israel unlike Saudi who insist everything is done under the table. So the US feels it has a more effective and influential ally in Qatar.

With all the above, I believe what Kerry thinks he can do is have the Saudis present the plan again but with a much lower bar so to speak, a bar the Israelis will be happy with. And the compliant tinpots that will be at that league meeting will nod and vote yes.

There are 3 flies in the ointment that will most likely have to be taken care of beforehand. One, Assad hasn't fallen. Two, who is in charge in Lebanon will probably make a difference to whether a vote is unanimous, although I dont doubt that the Salafists in Syria will be directed westwards the minute Assad falls, and three can/will Iran allow Iraq to let it pass - Or alternatively, will Iran be given a we drop all sanctions pass if Iraq votes yes.


"most of our failures are caused by naivete, ignorance and PC ideology."

True, the love of water monsters runs strong in Col. Lang. I wonder if he said the above in the hope that out of some Bora Bora depth a dangerous marine creature with big tusks would emerge mounted in a solar powered wombad and bring him a slightly more comprehensive report about american failures for his benefit.



I am sorry for having tried to introduce some measure of humanity and humor into your otherwise dull and solemn life. I presume you are either a wonk or work for State. Ah, I see that you are a Brazilian wise ass. Have a caipirinha pinga for me. pl



I think it's an an unspoken assumption.

It's strange really, on the one hand we were taught to understand and respect other cultures - but on the other we never learned to understand them on their own terms. Those alien peoples were always the victim, the loser, and in truth we were just telling stories about ourselves.

What do they call it in intelligence, mirror imaging? Projecting your own values and assumptions on another people? I think for all their education 'my' people make that elemental mistake with alarming frequency.

Even travel doesn't break that mindset, when we go abroad we mingle with other elites who went to the very same schools and share the very same world view.

I was one of the few southerners at Milton and I always felt like a fish out of water. The Puritan moralizing bothered me, who was I to judge another? How could I presume to know what's best for someone else? I think understanding that Puritan influence is an important part of understanding the problem, even if New England is losing its religion it retains a certain Puritan character.


Declining? I have to laugh, that was what... just three years after the Iranian Revolution and the seizure of the Grand Mosque? Sadat had just been killed the year before?

I wonder what the poor man would say now.


I was six or seven at the time but Pamela made quite the impression. I remember how she ducked down to her knees to talk to me, and that smile... I liked her instantly.



That is great stuff. personally I am afflicted with shame for my Yankee puritan ancestry. This is a stain I can never erase, but I try. in re PH, i.e., "the red headed whore," I thought she was stunning and would have followed her around like a pet dog if given the chance. I almost believed it when she told me to come visit her in Paris. pl



Try telling that to the "devours" in my backwater neck-o'-the-woods.

For them, the White Faranji & the Jews ARE responsible for all the sufferin' in the Mid-East.

William R. Cumming

The problem with Kerrey seems to be his sense of entitlement to rule!

I am willing to predict a Kerrey disaster in his time at STATE!

Babak Makkinejad

If your " backwater neck-o'-the-woods" be Arabs, they would treat an Arab Jew much better than they would any non-Arab Muslim.


Ah, 'tis sad, Monsieur...

You have my sentiments.


They are just "poseurs" trying to mimic arabs [i.e. removing all British colonial influence, by placing street signs with arabic words which even they fail to read]...

& I seriously doubt they will treat any Jew well...


Clifford Kiracofe

As to policy, the Council on Foreign Relations is the influential font of all PC wisdom. and has been for 80 years or so.

Founded in 1919 in Paris after WWII as an offhsoot of the British Royal Institute of International Affairs ("Chatham House"), and established in NYC in 1921 or 22.


A sort of fusion of the do-gooder British Liberal Imperialists and the oh so social American elitists (gentile and jew) aping the Brits. Assorted bankers, businessmen, academics, journalists and the like.

Kerry and Biden and Hillary and all the rest are party line CFR in orientation. The CFR's grand lodge building in NYC was formerly the private Pratt mansion, as in George Pratt Shultz.

I suppose some notice Kerry's Brazilian wife's former husband Senator Heinz's family was active in the Bilderberg group. This is a transnational elite consensus building mechanism like the Trilateral Commission. Thus, this is Kerry's milieu and Biden's and so on. Of course there is Davos, and the Pinay Circle and other elite type transnational policy groups. The analysis of transnational elites is complex.

Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for your comments.

Unfortunately, the article that in that URL is consistent with my personal observations a generation ago; with this Indonesian fellow telling me that "Al Salam Aleikum" is a greeting only reserved for usage among Muslims.


I think the sense of enmity between Judaism and Islam is rooted in the struggle for Palestine. And there does not seem to be any end in sight.

In US, the sense of enmity to Islam among very many Jewish commentators is quite clear; even a dull person such as myself cannot avoid becoming aware of it.

At the formal level, the position of the Federal Territory Islamic Affairs Department is against that of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is not endorsed by Ayatollah Khamenei or Ayatollah Khomeini before him or any other Shia Doctors of Religion that I am aware of.

I think Jewish leaders - inside and outside of Israel - and specially those in the United States - are well advised to fly to Tehran, kiss the hand of Ayatollah Khamenei and ask him to be their Godfather.

For otherwise they will be marching merrily down this current path of becoming enemies of aIslam and will commit their posteriori likewise to that enmity.

Something that has not existed on the religious level for 1400 years.

Should that become solidified, even the Shia Doctors of Religion will be powerless to do anything about it.

But that is just my opinion I might be dramatizing the situation too severly.


A more physical observation is: Saudi Arabia uses an increasing percentage of her oil production for domestic consumption, result is that the exportable amount decreases at an alarming rate, this means decreasing power base.

At the some time the interpretation of religion prevents SA from becoming a modern stable society which could like Norway survive without oil.


Severe dramatization?

I think not, sir.

I fear that with the antagonistic arabs added to the equation against your peoples...

Babak Makkinejad

Arabs are not one people.

There are very many Shia among Arabs; in Iraq, in Kuwait, in Lebanon, in Syria, in UAE, Bahrain, and in Saudi Arabia.

There are also Shia in Azerbaijan Republic (dominant there), in Turkey, in Pakistan, in India, in Afghanistan.

A Shia-Sunni confrontation is not a threat to Iran, it is a threat to the nominal friends of the United States.

Every state that I mentioned above, execluding Iraq and possibly Lebanon, will be harming herself if it indulges in the anti-Shia projects.

For example, Kuwait is more than 30 % Shia - good luck maintaining stability there if you are waging a religious war against Shia Iran.


It seems that even Demographics is on the side of the ayatollahs...

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