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06 April 2013


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"out there somewhere beyond the horizon of our dreams."

I like that. I imagine if you saw a spot on your chart that said "here be dragons," you'd immediately plot a course to that exact spot. I know I would.

Just out of curiosity, I found and read this account of an encounter between a lake steamer and a strange creature on Seneca Lake in 1899. There were a lot of prominent people on that steamer who stuck by their detailed accounts of the incident. Either that was a boatload of master bullshitters or they encountered a lake monster. I remember the story of the coelacanth. They were thought to be extinct since the time of the dinosaurs until one was caught in 1934.


My interest in Seneca stems from some time I spent at Seneca Army Depot in the early 80s supporting the deployment of Pershing II missiles to Europe. For a short time I was seconded out there to advise on security in the face of massive demonstrations from some womens' group for peace and freedom. They were suspected to be in receipt of some Soviet funding. Among the group were a large number of self proclaimed witches. One day I stood alone some 50 feet from the fence as the witches appeared to be casting spells my way. In response I began some elaborate gestures accompanied by some deep mumbling. My attempt to impersonate a powerful shaman worked. The witches rapidly moved out the way trying to avoid my ominous gestures. The force of a Green Beret shaman was just too much for them.

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