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08 April 2013


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With regard to your first point I suspect you are right. One doesnt see black people complaining about African complicity in slavery. One should. However I am of the opinion that it is normal for culture and genes to evolve. Its certainly not a novel thing for the British Isles.

On the sharia law point. No. Not in London. Maybe in Bradford but I doubt it. But even in whitechapel there are plenty of strip bars as well. The last thing I would be afraid of is young bangladeshi thugs. They are not big people. More interesting is that they are the guys running the prostitutes and the heroin trade down there in East London. But Sharia law? Nah. If anything these are muslims who drink and gamble. The young Somalis are far more aggressive. But they are also more interested in crime than Sharia law.

Its true I live in New York. I like cosmopolitan cities. So perhaps I am a fantasy islander. But I betcha that Texas Mexicans will turn out to be just as good Republicans as their European neighbours. Dont let the race thing fool you. If they wanted to live in the third world they would have stayed there.

"Whitey dethroned"? If Whitey is on a throne then by all means let the deadbeat get a job! This is a Republic!

"Celebrating the end of majority". I celebrate nothing. Its a demographic fact. You might choose to be sad about it. I am neutral. However its a fact and I note it. I hope, however that the world never runs out of redheads.

The house price thing confuses me. I think it is an orthogonal point. However 30mn coolies does make sure that your restaurant bills and green fees stay reasonably low. Without those coolies who would be doing these crappy jobs? I dont see people of European origin delivering food in New York (or black people for that matter!). I know its not representative but I only see Mexicans and Asians doing it. The thing is that young healthy migrants are not the people who will strain the resources of medicare and social security. Old people will. Now I for one doubt that I will be able to keep a golf course in good condition in 10 years time. Or buss a table. Or any other hard, badly paid job. But I suspect we will need lots of people to empty bed pans and bus around the elderly. And we will need them to do it cheap. Of course the other side of it is that we have to educate their kids. But without their kids we would be in a very tough place. The same place Japan is in. Im not saying the choice is easy, but I know which outcome I would prefer. The coolie problem is a problem for working class Americans cos they compete wages down. But they are not a burden on the state.

Just to be clear, which do you choose? A racially and culturally homogenous but declining and ageing population? Or an ethnically and culturally diverse population with balanced demographics? Japan choose the former. But it looks miserable to me. It seems you choose the Japanese outcome. To be honest both outcomes have their costs but I personally prefer the latter outcome. It helps keep real estate prices up if nothing else.

Yes, Im never sure that allowing London to be a base for Russian oligarchs has really improved London. If nothing else polonium contamination is not a plus. And who wants a bunch of disgusting ex KGB thugs wandering around lording it over them? But the Pakistani Brits have been around since I was a kid and I am used to them. They seem as british to me now as Welsh people or Scots, albeit with better tans. They are assimilated. Their parents are not but mostly they are. Mostly. And better still, generally they are poor. They are not the people buying up Knightsbridge or South Ken and driving Brits out of London cos we cant afford the rent. Slave - maybe. I do see your point. Its just that no one else in London agrees with us on this one. They are just happy to take the money!

I dont think Muslims or immigrants are disproportionately involved in crime in the UK. I also doubt your suggestion that they are disproportionately in involved in sex crime. But I might be wrong. Point me in the direction of the statistics and I will change my mind. Usually people accuse the black population of being more "criminal". The statistics tend to bear this out, although I always suggest they are skewed.

May I absolutely assure you that as the father of a young daughter I am disgusted by the action of the men in Bradford. If they had abused a female of my family I doubt I would have allowed the law to deal with the problem. But what else would you have me do? You are being unreasonable in describing my stance as one of crocodile tears. Unless I denounce immigration I am a hypocrite? Logical nonsense. I denounce rape, not immigration. Not all immigrants are rapists and not all rapists are immigrants. Otherwise what would that mean for the United States?!

Part of me finds it odd that we allow goods and commodities to move freely around the earth but not people. What morality justifies this position? How is it that goods are free to move but not people?, oil is free to move, money is free to move but not people? We can take what we need from their lands to improve our lives, but they must remain there regardless of the quality of their life. A question I dont have an answer for, but something seems wrong to me.

Ultimately these migrations will happen whether we try to stop them or not, just like the Romans trying to stop the Germans. The Germans kept coming because they were running away from the Hun. The only salvation for the Romans was letting the into the Germans into the Empire, and uniting against the Hun. Chalon was a collaboration between Romans and Franks.

7/7. Yes good point. I have a contentious counter argument but its long winded. Suffice it to say I am against all terrorism. I am also against breaking international law. I think terrorism and justice are related.

Forgive me for being argumentative. It is in my nature. I mean you no illwill although it appears I have annoyed you. I assure you that all of my arguments are sincerly held positions. I hope that I remain open to other arguments.


"the only possible justification for such courses of action, as indeed Evans-Pritchard suggests, has to be that the situation is already so unutterably bad that apparently lunatic policies have become the least worst option. "

Quite so.

"To hand over the running of the Fed to an academic economist whose whole career has been built on the basis of a particular interpretation of the Great Depression, and of the belief that one can apply the lessons of this reading to current policy, is cuckoo."

Not an accident in my opinion. I think someone saw this one coming.

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