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23 April 2013


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John Minnerath

Heh heh, don't give them ideas.
The Bloombergians might try to move one of their own to Helena.
They'd get lynched there though, they could try Bozeman, a lot of those types around there.


Nate Silver has an interesting piece looking at how the percentage of gun ownership is reflected in how Senators vote.




Silver's revised numbers and unclouded thinking appear to support my view. pl


The Democrats will have better luck in Montana than in Michigan. Levin is retiring; I'm wondering how that will impact the Armed Services Committee make-up.

William R. Cumming

Nate Silver is rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with as he converts from blogger to NY Times regular.

Perhaps I think too long term but in the last 36 years the State of Montana has converted from being largely independent and self-sustaining to being documented in Jared Diamond's book "Collapse of Civilizations" as almost meeting the standard of the EASTER ISLANDERS and as Professor Diamond states "What was the person thinking who chopped down the last tree on Easter Island?"

Over time I realize the answer to the question above is "nothing"!

Just as most of the US Senate continues to chop down the last trees!

Obviously this is not my answer to firearms ownership since earlier on this blog I recommended all adults over 18 own 100 firearms each!

Just as a largely corrupted Roman Senate led to the assination of Julius Caesar as a last gasp against demise of the Republic fully expect this Senate to assasinate someone or some policy somehow leading to the end of our Republic.


Max Baucus - a corporate shill who will not be missed.

A few more retirements like this, if replaced by Democrats who represent their base, and Democrats might actually be able to mount a filibuster against cuts to Social Security!


He was always a captive interest, doing what the mining companies needed. I certainly won't miss him in the Senate. His replacement will be pro-gun, that's without question. I can't think of a major political figure in the entire state who supports further restrictions. It's political suicide.



I am not grieving for Baucus' departure. my only points were about federalism and gun control. The only time I remember talking to him was when we had Irish coffee together at 0700 in the bar at Shannon while the plane was gassed up. pl


Come now we managed in Michigan to get the Devos clan to waste $40+ million on a gubernatorial race in '06, maybe we could do the same with Bloomberg's money?


I think Baucus' vote for Obamacare would have been his downfall moreso than his vote against gun registration.

John Minnerath

His support for Obamacare was his death nell.

John Minnerath

That must have been a while back. We stopped there to gas up for the leg to Gander in '59. I think Shannon started to fade into obscurity as far as air travel not long after that.


A lot of Democrats "who represent their base" are not really electable from a lot of states, unless something catastrophic or miraculous happens. We (should have) learned it from the Republicans and their tea party candidates just a couple of years ago. Instead, Dems seem to be infected with the same disease.


I stopped in Shannon on the way to and from Iraq. I wonder how many soldiers its seen?

Will Reks

You're both wrong on that and the test case was Jon Tester's reelection to Senate in 2012 from Montana. Now its possible that in a midterm election Democratic turnout would be lower but I don't think that is as much of a problem in Montana.


I'd say the national climate is a bit different now, so don't be so sure.

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