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13 March 2013


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laura Wilson

"their registered guns" Guns are registered in California? pl

John Minnerath

I think some jurisdictions in California require registration. I'm not sure how it works there, but I do know California gun laws are incredibly complex and onerous.
Among the worst in the nation.

The Twisted Genius

In New York State, a permit has been required to buy and possess hand guns for years. They must also be registered. Long guns require none of this. Newly signed legislation is probably more restrictive.

As a nonresident my transport of my father in laws firearms back to Virginia may have been iffy. I'm glad some State Trooper didn't spot all the rifles, pistols and the half a dozen ammo cans in the back of the car. He would have thought I was an armorer for the Christian Militia.


Neither the wife nor the husband mentioned in the article lost their rights to ownership. It clearly stated she was not to have access; that did not require confiscation - or subsequent destruction of property not belonging to the state. For those involuntarily committed and at some point released their access should be automatically restored, or does California law make this a permanent condition, even if found innocent at trial? As to turning in weapons, that could easily be ordered by the court at the time of issuance of any restraining order. Said property to be returned at the expiration of such an order. However it appears that the intent is not to do so but to destroy the weapons and permanently deny a citizen their Constitutional right to ownership.


NPR had a piece on today furthering the anti-gun propaganda where a Harvard professor added suicides using firearms to the statistical body count liberals are using. Apparently this 'series' is lasting all week. I'm waiting to see if they quote any law abiding citizens and their lawful ownership and use of firearms.

Neil Richardson

Dear TTG and John:

In San Mateo County, each sale was recorded and forwarded to CA DOJ and local police department after the usual waiting period (This was three years ago). In NYC even rifles and shotguns require permit. There was a SC NG officer named Augustine Kim who had a lot of problems getting his firearms back after the DC police took him into custody for suspended license during a travel from NJ to SC back in 2010.



John Minnerath

In early 1965, after I'd finished my enlistment, I loaded up my old Ford and headed to California to school.
Naturally I had a pile of guns and ammunition in the trunk.I remember my Dad questioning why I had to take every gun I owned along, plus all my fishing gear.
California then had the check stations at the state line, I recall the CHP, or whoever they were, asked me how I liked a couple of the rifles, but otherwise no questions.
Could you imagine doing that now?
I know there are some laws now covering individuals traveling with firearms, but I bet entering some states now would be a long unpleasant experience.


I like how the Colorado sheriffs are refusing to enforce the gun laws that the Democrats are trying to shove through in that state, most of which were created by a convicted criminal herself.


Never, because any lies or falsehoods are alright to those on the left because they consider themselves on the side of the angels, and everything is acceptable in pursuit of their utopia.


Its not a strawman argument. What's a strawman argument is "If we can save just ONE child". Its a fact that if you ban guns, the criminals will have guns, and law abiding citizens will not.

You seem to be very confused Laura - the police are under no particular obligation to protect you. I know you seem to be happy with a collar around your neck as long as you don't have to take responsibility for your own well being, but there are those of us who are not scared of guns.

"A slave is one who waits for another to free him." - Pound


I didn't say I was holding my breath. I'm sure the Harvard Dr. is not 'lying' but is using statistics. He knows quite well, or should, that a suicidal person who can't use a firearm is still suicidal and the only thing to change is the label used in the summary statistics. They will of course then claim that ‘gun related’ suicides went down, knowing full well that the total number of suicides stayed the same. He is, of course, not commenting on the number of suicides caused by psychiatric medicines and their side effects, improper dosages or lack of other care. That wouldn’t be ‘lying’ just malpractice, but then he’s not practicing medicine but ‘researching’ and advocating public policy – one that is going to restrict law abiding citizens in the exercise of their God given rights. But of course NPR only asked him to comment on ‘gun’ related suicides. As if public policy shouldn’t be preventing suicides, not just ‘gun’ related ones.

SAC Brat

"There is no news in 'Pravda', and no truth in 'Izvestiya'" The US media makes the Soviets look like pikers. It's surprising the internet hasn't been outlawed.

Commuting channel surfing leads me to believe NPR (National Propaganda Radio) has a gun violence story quota to meet each day.


Of course, NPR won't touch the social fallout (including suicides) by our insane open borders/amnesty policies, or the destruction of our society due to the toxic social policies they help foster, with the accompanying mental issues.

Laura Wilson

I'm not afraid of guns...I'm afraid of people with guns. Especially people who "think" that having a gun solves a problem.


I went down to my local sporting goods store on Monday to buy some .308 ammunition. I found to my surprise that they had none.

I then tried a gun store in an adjacent town and all they had was some Brazilian M 80 Ball (which I'm not really interested n).

I then called around to two other gun shops and found that they had none as well.

I then looked online and found that it was mostly "OUT OF STOCK".

Is this due to DHS buying ammo or gun enthusiasts binge buying?

I find it to be very disconcerting - sort of reminds me of trying to buy gas during the Arab Oil Embargo.


You fill out a card when you purchase a firearm. The form is submitted to the state of California where they perform some kind of background check (wants, warrants, felony convictions maybe more). They keep the record of purchase on file. Since it contains the firearm information as well as your personal information; I would assume that the firearm is considered registered.



"Screw 'em all but nine." You forgot the two road guards and a man to carry the guidon. pl


So I did ...

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