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20 March 2013


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The Spezialkommandokompanie of KSK?



Was a sex scandal?

Acronym Definition
PSSK Probability of Single-Shot Kill
PSSK Polskie Stowarzyszenie Sportu Kobiet (Polish: Polish Association of Women and Sport)
PSSK Panchayat Sanchar Sewa Kendra (Indian postal scheme)




Seems like it might be that. pl


There are the Präzisionsschützenkommandos (PSK), state police precision snipers specialising in what can probably be best translated as "final rescue shot". Iirc the first one of those was founded in West Berlin in 1972. I read they had some sort of cooperation with some of the allied units in the city then because of the 'Island nature' of Berlin during the cold war.

PS: More, albeit in German:

The Twisted Genius

I never heard of it. Dick Potter was one of our Group Commanders in the 80s, coming to us from Delta. He spoke of GSG-9, SAS and a similar French unit that I can't remember. He would have known of something like this, but I can't recall him mentioning it. The KSK wasn't formed until 1996.



Ah, I'll bet that is it. Rumor had it that his PSSK or PSK group was involved with Beckwith in some operation and became so annoyed with him that they though of doing him in. Hmmm. pl

The beaver


GIGN - They are still active - in the news a yr ago after the Toulouse killings.


Could also be one of these:



GSG-9 would recruit from the second.


No they very clearly wouldn't. Here's why:

GSG-9 is federal police, the Bundespolizei. They recruit from federal police only.

Fernspäher are military, a dedicated Long Range Reconaissance unit.

Police doesn't recruit from the military. That is implausible.

As for the KSK, they not so much recruit, they take applicants from all services as long as they meet criteria and pass the gruelling entry phase.


Who's Beckwith? This sounds like a good story.



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