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30 March 2013


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The culture that is New York:


Charles I

So here is the cited reporting of how plans for US/UK "Cypriot Haircuts" for the hoi polloi in lieu of failure, prosecution or nationalization of too big to fail RICO,s, er banks.


The plans may involve more than just a haircut and extend to a form of involuntary equity servitude. The hair cut will be swept up by these fiends as recapitalization of these losers, now allegedly part owned by you. Those securities will likely be pledged in whole or in part as security for the "newly [re]capitalized banks according to strict capital and reserve regulation" justified by your ownership of the stocks you were given for your savings. Not a word about FDIC insured exemptions or the like.

Its quite elegant. They take your cash as an unsecured creditor, lend it out 10X, go bust and convert their debt into your er, equity in the new and much improved, though much impoverished, Ponzi scheme, whose only real assets are what's left of your savings as stock. Which you may or may not be able to sell.


A return to the Gilded Age when bank failures meant depositors were SOL. Thats why most banks were local. Everyone in town knew where the bank president lived.

Alba Etie

Always been more concerned over the right wing and the next Timothy McVeigh then I ever was of al Qaida.

Alba Etie

A good long while back ( summer of 2008 ) when all the banksters were getting their ill gotten bonuses - my one true love , took a day's vacation and transferred everything from Wells Fargo & Bank of America to the local A+ Federal Credit Union . My wife will still to this day cuss anyone in earshot should TARP be mentioned . And right after that she will smile sweetly flash the credit union debit card and say "Think globally - act locally .. "

Alba Etie

And now the current Kaufman County Texas Prosecutor has withdrawn from the case citing 'security concerns ' ( remember there have already been two prosecutors killed that were on this case - plus a civilan ) . Usually Texas Prosecutors are very hard bitten its quite rare to have one back down in an ongoing trial .


Yes, but WHY is this happening?

It does not make sense that a Congress that votes 51/49 on almost all issues should vote 96/4 on an issue that is detrimental to the long-term interests and integrity of America. Even if you factor in the benefits of washing U.S. arms jobs subsidies through a second country; Zionist favoritism; and putative graft. The known forces do not add up.

Col. Farr pointed out Israel went on full n alert to convince Nixon to send money for protection Oct 7 1973. Are we still sending n protection money to Israel? ["Things break, you know" Monty Python sketch--but for real.]

If not, why does it seem like most folk, including our President, are forbidden to discuss Israel's capabilities?

And what happens if a civilian does?

Are there any benefits to America to the current relationship, and to Israel maintaining its opacity?

If Israel declared, wouldn't that make the region MORE stable?

As Congress has effectively stated it wants to wipe Iran off the face of the Earth, no matter how many trillions it might cost the economy, and as there has been no popular awareness/pushback, should people who choose not to spend more trillions on a pointless, immoral, expensive war be profoundly concerned? Or is this just Washington pro wrestling posturing--business as usual--and there's no need to be concerned?

Thank you for your perspective on these important questions.

William R. Cumming

By the way not only is the US dollar almost worthless [other currencies often worth less which should scare some] but the FED's efforts at so-called QE [Quantitative Easing] 1-4 have largely involved dollar printing and insider loans to the banksters [I say insider loans because actually the FED is owned by the banksters-literally and not just figuratively]! This is why Ron Paul wanted a FED audit so the largely undemocratic institution of the FED could at least be subject to disclosure.

OLD HICKORY when President is reputed to have stated repeatedly that the purpose of government was NOT to make men rich. WOW! Elected three times President by the popular vote but only twice by the Electoral College.

Alba Etie

"Old Hickory said we could take by surprise - if we did not fire musket ball til we looked 'em in the eyes " Wish we did have a President that could face down the banksters . And yes we all can agree that the Fed needs to be audited . Its rather telling that the Rand Paul audit the feed bill was co sponsored by Bernie Sanders - the Socialist Senator from Maine that caucuses with the Democrats.

William R. Cumming

Okay rank the problems for USA!


N. Korea?






Economy, corruption, Israel, Iran, Syria and North Korea.

Alba Etie

Corruption ( google Dick Cheney KBR blind trust )
Israel ( google ,neocon AIPAC , Pollard )
North Korea

William R. Cumming

Thanks to all and my listing was my prioties!

Personally don't believe the one man show that is the Obama Administration can keep up with all of this simultaneously.

Delegate or Die?

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