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05 March 2013


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Oh yeah major ally status! Uh boy....

Alba Etie

And this is just the latest affront to our interest .Hope Pollard rots in jail ..

William R. Cumming

Was there not an Israeli astronaut on one shuttle mission?


For impunity, successful espionage needs political patronage. The Israelis have that aplenty.


If Israel's apologists had their way, the Israelis should have gotten all that for free anyway, so what's the big deal if they go and take it? They just make things right. That's probably the only way one can come to the mistaken notion that Pollard or Nozette are heroes and have folks utter official requests for clemency.

I mean, Nozette got something like a quarter million dollars, and yet, he told the justice department that he only spied for Israel because his parents were Jewish? I'd expect an idealist to spy for free. The same for Pollard, who claimed to have been "motivated by altruism rather than greed", yet received a second salary from the Israeli. One should not let oneself be blinded by BS after-the-fact rationalisations like that.


The Colonel will probably issue me another spanky-spanky for this: I hope someone takes Pollard out the instant he's released. I make no apologies for this. Shoot the bastard.


Yes, there was Col Ilan Ramon, an Israeli AF pilot who was killed during the Challenger explosion. He was an F-16 pilot who took part in the raid on Osirak, the Syrian nuclear reactor. He was a Payload Specialist on Challenger, not a pilot.



I haven't heard that the traitor Pollard is to be released. Is he? pl


Actually, it was the Iraqi reactor in 1981. The Syrian raid came in 2011 and there is an interesting side note related to enabled embedded technology:
I apologize for the IEEE nerd speak.



He gets released in 2015 or 2016 when he's eligible for parole. He was sentenced before a law was passed that would have denied him parole for his treachery. That's why Hansen can't ever get out. And that's why it's goddam unforgivable to me that Israel is asking before that date.

I don't care when he walks out the door, or for what reason, my previous statement applies. Only person I've said it about in my life.

Now my blood pressure is up again.



That's what The Dersh did for him. Got his charge changed to a type that included parole.

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