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09 March 2013


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amazing! Are there any specifications available on the LIDAR used?

Maureen Lang


It really is pretty amazing, isn't it. As to specifications on the LIDAR process used to record the Evelyn wreck data "cloud," I'll copy you on an answer I just gave Mark over on the Athenaeum article thread:

My understanding of the process EPICSCAN & the INA teams used on the Evelyn wreck is that a combination of ground platform & handheld was used, but they relied primarily on ground platform units. When a LIDAR sensor is mounted on a ground platform it is, as you noted, necessary to determine the absolute position and the orientation of the sensor to retain useable data. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) provide accurate geographical information regarding the position of the sensor & an Inertia Measurement Unit (IMU) records the precise orientation of the sensor at that location. These two devices provide the method for translating sensor data into static points.

Anything you want to find out about the process beyond that, I'd try these sites: EPICSCAN www.epicscan.com or the Institute of Nautical Archaeology www.inadiscover.com

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