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25 March 2013


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No, you are correct.

They are in the throes of intertwining neuroses.

I posted this article before, but in case you missed it, I'll repost. The part that really tickled me was the Palestinians tunneling to Egypt with such gusto. Then at one point when things got dicey with Egypt (post Mubarak), Israel lightened up on them.


Also, from FP's morning brief today:

"At the Arab League summit, Qatar's emir proposed a $1 billion fund to help Palestinians in East Jerusalem and to preserve Jerusalem as the capital for a future Palestinian state."


Needs to tighten up his writing also.

Clifford Kiracofe

How the Neocons love their goy toys....


UN observers in the Golan report boundary-violating fighting between rebels and Syrian Army:



Obama disgust me. People can look for the pony under all the shit he shoveled in Israel all they please, but the fact is he just encouraged the Zionist psychopaths and all the mythical delusions the Israeli society holds about themselves. Yes indeed, Obama increasing the US aid pledge to Israel to 4 billion and extending it till 2027 is also just the way to make them change their ways.

The reality is, the facts are....

The US-Isr problem will Never End unless the Israel Lobby and all it's organs within the US are destroyed, period.

I/P will never end in a State for or even existence for Palestines unless a Big Power 'forces' a solution...and that ain't gonna be by the US because of 'the Lobby'.


There are VERY few people in this world who I actively hate. Elliot Abrams is one of them.


According to Uri Avneri:

"The text of the apology was already formulated more than two years ago. The Israeli army begged the government to accept it. But our then Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, put all his considerable weight on the scales and vetoed the move. We are a proud nation with a proud army, consisting of proud soldiers.

Israelis don’t apologize. Ever.

Fearing Lieberman, Binyamin Netanyahu had to be very circumspect.

Lieberman is now a minister-on-hold. He cannot regain his ministerial office until after – and if – he is acquitted of the bribery charges for which he has been indicted. But he is still the chief of a party on which Netanyahu has to depend for parliamentary support.

So an elaborate maneuver had to be enacted. The apology was agreed upon with the Turks long ago. President Obama’s visit to Israel was to be the occasion, giving the president the aura of a successful mediator. But the deal was to be announced only during the very last minutes of the visit.

Why? Simply to allow Netanyahu to pretend that it was all done on the spur of the moment, in a telephone conversation initiated by Obama. This being so, he could not possibly have consulted with his cabinet and with Lieberman, could he?"

That sounds quite plausible to me.

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