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13 March 2013


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The Twisted Genius

"A Jesuit!"

That's what I exclaimed when I first heard the news. As a product of a Jesuit education, I had to explain my surprise to SWMBO. And taking the name of Francis, I have high hopes... and, of course, prayers.

Jim Ticehurst

A Humble Man..We Like him and his choice...


Interesting, and perhaps telling, that he took his papal name from the leader of a rival order. As one commentator wrote:

"By choosing the name of the founder of his community’s traditional rivals, the 266th Roman pontiff – the first from the American continent, home to more than half of the 1.2 billion-member church – has signaled two things: his desire to be a force of unity in a polarized fold, and his intent to “repair God’s house, which has fallen into ruin”… that is, to rebuild the church."

William R. Cumming

PL! Any thoughts on the Jesuit Order in the 21st Century?

Medicine Man

The first Pope to take the name of St. Francis as well. I'm hopeful that this begins a period of reform.


An excellent choice and there is now a Pope of the people to provide hope and direction for our church.


It would depend on what you mean by “reform.” Washing the feet of AIDS victims is all very well, but condoms would be of greater practical use to those at risk, and I doubt the new pope is going to change the party line. Modern day Jesuits have been a force for reform, but Francis I isn’t on of those guys (of course he would never have been elected had he been).

Possibly the new pope was thinking first of St. Francis Xavier, co-founder of the Jesuit order.


A Jesuit and a Latino... Spanards and Latinos are arch defenders of the faith...Taking the name Francis sends IMHO a very strong message to the Princes of the Church.... He will need all our payers...


Ahaha denying Communion to politicians that support abortion, a good start. Glad to see we're not going the way of the Episcopal after all. Looking forward to seeing Chris Matthew cry some more.

Liberals shocked that Pope is Catholic, news at 11.


Is he the same priest from whom General Videla received his communion?


"Possibly the new pope was thinking first of St. Francis Xavier, co-founder of the Jesuit order."

Look at it this way.... He has it covered either way....

robt willmann

When Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio from Argentina was announced as the new Pope on television, the screen soon said that he was ordained as a Jesuit priest in 1969, and that caught my attention, as I thought the Jesuit aspect had some significance in the Catholic Church. However, being of the Lutheran religion, and having not studied Catholicism, I do not know what the impact of that might be.




The Twisted Genius

According to the Vatican, the Pope chose his name in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi rather than Saint Francis Xavier. CNN reports:

"Pope Francis chose his name in honor of St. Francis of Assisi because he is a lover of the poor, said Vatican deputy spokesman Thomas Rosica. "Cardinal Bergoglio had a special place in his heart and his ministry for the poor, for the disenfranchised, for those living on the fringes and facing injustice," Rosica said."

Catholic social teaching professes a belief that human life and human dignity are inherently sacred. As such, we have an enduring duty of commitment to the poor and to the most vulnerable. This is an "all in" commitment, not a menu. Don't expect changes in Church doctrine on contraception, abortion, marriage and sexuality. What I hope to see is mercy and outreach to those who do not share these beliefs. I also desperately hope to see swift justice and mercy for the victims of the sins of priests and bishops. Confession and penitence in this matter is sorely needed.


Personally, I was kind of hoping for another Pope Urban, just for the shitstorm that would have ensued.

Medicine Man

He's also on the record as being very invested in the social aspects of the gospel and quite vocal about the effects of income inequality in Latin America. I'm not shocked or crying about his selection.


The name Francis as well as his reported humility does inspire. I expect we will be learning much more about him over the next few days. He will have my prayers.

Clifford Kiracofe

The Franciscan Order has been historically very important in the New World with its evangelization.

I have a folk art icon of St. Francis by a Taos, New Mexico artist, Lydia. She painted on the back a quote: "Rebuild my church."


William R. Cumming

I understand there was one other non-European POPE but don't know for sure!

The beaver

There were quite a few as per "wiki"
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_popes ,

the last one in the 8th century.He was Syrian - Pope St. Gregory III led the church from 731 to 741 A.D.

In addition there was one from Roman Africa (today's Libya):Saint Victor I : 189 – 199

Charles I

I just watched a report in the last week either on CBC or PBS about huge defections from the Catholic to the evangelical Protestant churches in a Latin America due to the lack of reform and the status of women, particularly on birth control. These people, especially the women, will not be arch defenders of Catholic Faith.


Charles I

I watched Father Tom Reese S.J. patiently explain to some bimbo yesterday that the Catholic Church is shrinking in LA for the reason you cite, basically defections to the evangelicals. pl


"Inclusiveness" is an uniquely Western disease.

If they want to have Jesus Rock Bands, skateboarding for Christ and homosexual outreach they can go to the Evangelicals. Look what taking a liberal bent did for the Anglicans and Episcopals.

Christianity is not meant to be easy, which is anathema and incomprehensible to many in this blighted, modern age.


If the Church can improve on its works and manage to cut the secular tether (monies it gets from the government) under this Pope I will be overjoyed.

The corruption of money from secular governments is the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

The beaver

The answer is NO.

Even if you don't understand French , check the video at the bottom of this link:

wrong priest -it was Msgr Octavio Nicolas Derisi, who died in 2002.


Yes. Bergoglio told his official biographer that he did so to get a couple of Jesuits who had been imprisoned and tortured free. There is still much that we don't know, but suffice it to say the Church hierarchy in Argentina did not distinguish itself during the Dirty War, in contrast to bishops in Chile and Brazil who did make brave stands.


It will be interesting to see if there's renewed interest in the period because of Francis' election. It was an ugly time. Argentinian Jews also died disproportionately, I understand.

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