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27 March 2013


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Peter C

There was a newspaper man by the name of Herb Caen who worked for the San Francisco Chronicle for years and years, a real newspaper man. Herb noted how as a society we were getting ruder and ruder in our civic interactions. Herb stated that this was not going to bode well for the future American society. Herb passed away several years ago.
I always enjoy the views and ideas that all the participants contribute to the conversation. Having the crude and ignorant comments thrown to the trash and not having to endure the classlessness is a blessing. Much like when you observe and report back on the Sunday Talk shows, saves me much pain. I do envy Elvis shooting his TV with a 45acp.

Your fav

You can set your watch by it. You introduce a provocative topic and then get mad when you get provoked. Then you post one of these "everyone needs to be civil" admonishments. In this topsy-turvy world, at least we can count on you, dearest Col. Lang, to be predictable!


Your fav

Yes. A provocative topic requires civilized people to be civil. pl


Colonel, I applaude you for standing up to defend the culture of conversation.

Lord Curzon


Don't sit on the fence, tell us what you really think!


Col, I even try to be civil to all the commenters... my Mom & Dad wouldn't have it any other way. Not to mention, when one avoids ad hominem, illumination of the matter at hand may increase.

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