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25 February 2013


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Yes, Spielberg is a great director, like him or not, and it's safe to say he will get one more Oscar before he's through and/or a special Oscar in his dotage. This year Academy voters seem to have gotten sick of the Lincoln campaign (also a factor in Private Ryan being denied Best Picture). Lincoln was also not a highly "directed" movie - mostly very fine and unflashy work from Spielberg, I thought.

Don't forget to add to your list Ang Lee, who with this year's win for Life of Pi has now won Best Director twice (first time was for Brokeback Mountain).


Some of Spielberg's work seem to me to be not too bad, but there definitely seems to be prejudice against him. McFarlane's anti-Jewish remarks (delivered through Ted )were surprising."

The McFarlane thing was satire I believe.... to make a joke of "Jews run Hollywood" perception/accusation among some in the public.
I believe all scripts for host have to be approved or reviewed so I doubt there was ad libbing.
But then that begs the question of what was the point of making the joke about any Jewish presence in Hollywood?
I though to myself that it was possible certain 'sensitivities" were increasing due the Hagel-Jewish Lobby shit storm and those sensitivities were trying to do some self deprecating humor to lighten it up..but who knows.
I thought it odd though.

And I really didn't get Michelle Obama's appearence either....unless it was some kind of Obama payback to liberals in Hollywood.

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