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04 February 2013


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Yes, I am an American but I came here as an immigrant in 1965 and I have lived in Florida since 1967. My Swedish relatives will testify that I became "Americanized" a long time ago.

I drove my big truck all over the country for 11 years too and is thus very familiar with various regions. I also heard a lot of jokes, including the one about the people living in AZ. Those were the ones who were going to CA but did not quite make it.

The sooner it is recognized that Newtown was a tipping point, the sooner valid compromise can be created.

no one

Lars, If Newtown is a tipping point I will predict that it tips things in the opposite direction of what you think. At the end of the day the rest of America is going to sieze this as an opportunity to demonstrate their unwillingness to have the caostal elites ram socialist unconstitutional policies down our throats. The result will supress any talk of gun grabbing for many years to come.

John Minnerath

I don't think Lars would care for Wyoming.
We have the highest percentage of individual gun ownership in the nation and most people here if asked about guns in their homes would say it's none of your damn business.
In the aftermath of Newtown our legislature has been actively working for more laws to protect gun ownership.
In the words of many, "an armed society is a safe society".
Hopefully soon to be our state gun:
Made in a fine little factory in the town of Freedom, Wyoming.


That may have been true in the past but there are signs that we live in a new era regarding this. It is now more of a public safety issue than a rights issue. As I have said before, those who ignore that aspect one day will regret that they did not provide adequate solutions, because others will.


Let me say it again, before anyone else assumes what I think. Gun owners who are paranoid, militant and short sighted will hurt their own cause.

My preference still is that there are no bans for guns. Only that you have to be licensed to own and use them and let that process weed out those who should not own or use them.


.454 Casull? Is such a weapon even practical for anyone but the Arnies of the world to wield, let alone fire accurately? I presume the recoil must me considerable.

no one

Well Lars, time will tell.

Even here in New York, John York (Sheriff of Livingston County) acting as head of the NY Sheriff's Assoc. has been compelled to write comrade Cuomo begging for reconsideration of the recent state legislation tightening already tight gun laws. York, on behalf of all NY sheriffs, enumerates a series of grievances and concludes with a note to all New Yorkers that, while some might be happy about stricter gun control, they should keep in mind that the next time Constitutional limits are tested it might be in an area (free speech? Privacy?) that insults their freedoms in way that hurts them.

Albany can't even get its sheriffs on board. My understanding is that citizens have been ringing sheriffs' phones off the hook and that sheriffs are realizing that they are going to have to arrest a lot of their own friends and family.

And this is New York state. A lot of people here a quite passive relative to what you find west of of the Pecos.


Lars is living in the fantasy islands and is clueless outside of the bubble he projects on everything he comments on.

One has to look at the mess Sweden made for itself pushing the policies Lars champions and realise that Swedes are simply self-destructive, full stop.


Valid compromise? Which compromises are those? To hold people in all states accountable for the conduct of someone in New Jersey? To hold the prescribing doctors accountable for treating symptoms rather than an illness? To hold all with 'mental illness' as incompetant? Or just to ban 'some' firearms but not 'all' of them?

I lived in Florida for two decades, the state has certainly changed over that time. But it is still nothing like New York or New Jersey.


"Wonder what angle the gov't is playing with this".

Two fold: Disarming the kernel of any armed resistance movement against statist policies as well as making any future leaders dependent on the largesse of the state.


Also: Sorry you're stuck in NY. Hopefully you'll make it back down here sometime soon. Right now its that perfect growing season in Arizona to get your spring produce ready.


This actually happened to a veteran living outside of DC. He had been flagged as a "mentally distrubed veteran" because he called a what he thought was a Military Aid hotline and it turned out to be a Suicide Prevention line.

So the SWAT team busted down his door, knocked over an aquarium full of fish, seized all of his guns, and arrested him because of it.




If you're not voting D, apparently so.

Edward Amame

In addition to the universal background check there is a good possibility that a second big piece of Obama gun proposal may make it into law: there's a bipartisan bill in the House that would make it illegal for straw purchasers to transfer guns to someone barred from owning one.



"It is now more of a public safety issue than a rights issue." This attitude of public safety or rights is why our ancestors revolted against parliamentary rule from London. Do you think the Revolution was justified? pl

Medicine Man

I think I take Lars' point. He should probably preface his comments with a boilerplate statement about the difference between analysis and advocacy.

The "tough on crime" hysteria of the past several decades provides a glimpse into how this could go wrong for honest gun owners in the US. That kind of bed-wetting and demagoguery isn't restricted to coastal enclaves, sadly.


That's already illegal. There's big signs in every gun shop I've been in that tell you as much, unless they're planning to make it super duper illegal.

Tell me, does AG Holder, authorizing Fast and Furious gun sales to Mexican cartels, fall under this law?


"And nobody in his right mind would want, to put it bluntly, 'crazy' or 'mental problems' on a permanent record, searchable for law enforcement."

Yes. And such a vast and loosely defined government dragnet would inevitably snare people who pose no threat to the general population whatsoever (that is to say, most people with mental illness of one kind or another) who could be, or are already, perfectly responsible gun owners.


Lars just think we should lay down and die so progressive history can move on, like what happened in that joyful USSR.

no one

Tyler, Pima County all the way! I'm a horseman. Came to NY to breed, break and train and take advantage of the NY Thoroughbred Breeders Awards program and NY bred purses. I'm getting told for the life style. As soon as the farm sells I'm heading back to Tucson. Enjoy the weather for me.


Other than the apple and orange problem, I do think the colonists were justified in their insurrection, which is what it actually was.

But I still think that many, who I suspect soon will face new regulations, understand how they are making that possible. Starting with letting Wayne LaPierre speak for them.



I see no apple and orange problem here. The human tendency and desire to accumulate unchecked power remains. pl


Let's grow up and get serious.

1) No average citizen needs a weapon that fires 50 rounds to be safe. If having one is your "hobby", get over it twits. I had to give up my hobby of doing 75 mph in 50 mph zones too.

2) If they not gonna let mental treatment and information sources contribute to gun checks then forget it---most of the shooters have been mental cases...and in most cases 'someone' knew they were mental cases.

3) Do you now how many sucides are being committed now by vets? PTSD is real, but it's not a lifetime sentence, with help they get past it. Meanwhile if a designation of PTSD keeps guns out of their hands so they can't kill themsleves I am all for it.

4) No matter my opinons espressed if someone is committed to getting a weapon and committed to killing---they will 9 times out of 10 find a way to do it. Far as I am concerned the ban auto weapons is only to limit how much damage they do.



I am curious to know if you think all combat veterans are afflicted with PTSD? Do you think all combat veterans should be treated for PTSD? If they are, then what you want would ban them from owning firearms. Is that your way of thanking them for their service? 50 round "clips?" How about 30 round "clips?" Or 20 round "clips?" Or 10 round "clips?" Where do you want to stop? Which mass shooters have not been mental cases? "... the ban auto weapons..." "Auto weapons" have been illegal since the 30s. You still do not know s--t about this subject but like to run off at the mouth about it. pl

Edward Amame

According to Kirsten Gillibrand's office, "Currently, there is no federal law that defines gun trafficking in this country. While local law enforcement agencies work to track down illegal weapons, federal law still restricts localities’ ability to investigate and prosecute those who traffic these firearms."

The House bill would make straw purchases a federal crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison. The bill would also make it a crime for the purchaser to lie to a licensed gun dealer that the gun is for him/her instead of someone else.

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