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24 February 2013


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It seems as though the time has come to pull out and tell Karzai he cannot expect a home in the US.


Being able to fend off attackers, the Hazara pose a challenge to Pushtun domination of Afghanistan.

The Hazara, speaking a Persian dialect, and being and Shiite in religion would be a natural ally for the US against Al Qaeda types. The latter would probably like to lord it over them heretics at best. I suppose it has nothing to do with that either.


Alas, a Pushtun crackdown on the Hazara would be a good thing! Seen as part of the wider struggle against Iranian hegemony in the region, it would roll back the nefarious Iranian influence (as in: everything Persian or Shiite) in Afghanistan!



In the unlikely event that we get a SOFA that provides immunity from criminal prosecuion, is there any assurance that it will be observed? The current government inevitably will gaive way to some sort of negotiated coalition that includes the Taliban. Decentralization of the state will accompany it - probably with constitutional changes. So is the treaty obligation still binding on the successor authoritieS?

Moreover, what's the point of keeping 10,000 troops under those cicumstances? To train an army that will be only one player in a multi-party civil war followed by political framentation? As for hunting down the last al-Qaeda, do we need local bases with 10,000 defenders? Anyway, at the rate Original al-Qaeda is going we can look forward to the day that a ragged suvivor stumbles down from the Hindu Kush amazed to learn that his devoted leader - OBL - actually died years ago. The comic possibilities are endless - but that is not what we're there for - supposedly.

David Habakkuk

As Melville might put it, were he alive today:

"you flock of fools, under this captain of fools, in this ship of fools!"

Babak Makkinejad

Excepting the Maghreb - every single note worthy intellectual development in the lands of the former Eastern Caliphate took place under Shia dynasties; Avicenna comes to mind as well as Al Azhar.

Charles I

Surely the 10K troops will be training and assisting the ANA in putting down its rivals, all identified as irredentist Taliban threatening the latent democracy.


"A home in the US?" He can afford a villa on Lake Como with his own Praetorian Guard with all the Conex boxes of dollars he has outright stolen. This thieving is easily achieved when many US governmental entities believe that money grows on trees.

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