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12 February 2013


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I heard similar speechifying from a young poli-sci professional working a congressman from Pittsburg which was essentially “ by restricting gun rights, even if we save only one life, isn’t it worth it?” to which I replied, well if we save only one life isn’t it worth incarcerating a few innocent people? I haven’t heard a response yet. I wonder what the professionals at the ACLU and the Innocence Project think of incarcerating the innocent ‘if only to save one life’.

r whitman

You leave an important point out of your discussion. The culture of the United States is changing regarding guns. We gun owners will soon be thought of in the same vein as smokers, adulterers and drunk drivers. Those anti-gun "dead kid" commercials are impacting every non-gun owner in the US. If you are a gun owner you just do not see it.


Col: I tried a lawsuit last week which involved, in part, the reasonableness of relying on the FDA. Among the jury panel a plurality openingly stated that they did not "trust" the FDA.

Islander or not, the visceral distrust of the government's motives is deep and widespread.


r whitman

I did not leave that out. I discount it. You discount the existence of 140 million odd gun owners in the US. you are an "islander" whether you actually live on one or not. You lack the political power to inflict BHO's agenda on us. 15 % of Americans polled countrywide want to hear something about gun law in the SOTU tonight. Ah, I see you live in the Houston megalopolis. Think secession from Texas. pl

John Adamson

"Finally, BHO has to get any new laws or executive orders past SCOTUS."

Don't forget that Mr. Obama is one vote away from getting anything he wants approved or passed. Right now he the three Jewish justices and the "wise Latina" are on board for any extension of state or executive power that strengthens the position of the "islands" constituencies.

The Constitution and our rights are anything the SCOTUS say they are. It's bad enough now (NDAA etc.) - God help us if he gets another vote.


" gun owners will soon be thought of in the same vein as smokers, adulterers and drunk drivers."

Really? I don't know anyone who equates a smoker with a drunk driver or an adjulterer. There's no federal law banning tobacco, there is still a subsidy for it.


Left wing culturally....but not economically. Not by a stretch...his a GOP Ike Republican, with just a twist, a whiff, of New Dealism (reformed) mixed in....

If anyone is interested on Obama's ideological roots, I would suggest you can get more background here...the kind you won't find in the MSM....




That's true. He loves the banksters. You don't hear him pushing to reinstate Glass-Steagal. pl

r whitman

That means there are 165 million non gun owners in the USA, a large portion of them women. They react to the dead kids ads and arguements much differently than you or me. I should know, I am surrounded by upper middle class Texas Republican matrons who would vote for gun control if given a chance.

As far as Texas seceeding, if we did, we would be ass deep in Mexicans by morning. The Reconquista would be real.


r whitman

I have been making a profile of you in my mind. IMO you are an upper middle class anglo white woman who lives in a gated community in the Houston area. You shop at the Galeria, have never owned a gun and are probably from an "island" somewhere. you have little grasp of civics as a subject and do not comprehend the idea of federalism. pl



R Whitman tells me he is a man. pl


I think of myself as left wing. I dont think of BHO as left wing. He is a Chicago politician which I think means ultimately he stands for BHO and nothing else. Whenever I ask what he has done which merits the description "left wing" everyone tells me health care reform. I note with interest that it was a health care reform which boosted health insurance stock prices. It was a health care reform without a public option. As far as I can tell he is a corporatist who has done his best to maintain illegitimate economic rents against the interests of the american people and in support of the interests of East Coast bankers and hedge funds. And he is a totalitarian who is in favour of concentration of power in the Executive.

Nothing about him strikes me as well described by the term leftist. The only sense in which he is a leftist is that he came from the party of the left here in the US. But was he really from the left wing of that party, or did people assume that he was because he is young and black?


The Reconquista is already real, or haven't you been listening to the Democratic agenda for the last decade or so? Long gone is any chance of forcing new immigrants to learn the defacto national language - they got rights, why bother learning English. The politicians caved on that principle. There are plenty of citizens (new, old and soon to be) that can sure understand the principle that once the Constitutional protection of gun ownership goes, “what's next” is definitely not something that they would trade for a politician’s promise.

r whitman

I own 3 rifles, one of which is a .22 Savage/Stevens tubular magazine rifle given to me for my birthday in 1947 and 3 handguns (22 Ruger, 22 Buckmark and a 38 S&w Combat Masterpiece. If my arthritis gets any better I expect to purchase a 9mm CZ 75B.

As far as federalism is concerned, I can remember US flags with 48 and the 49 stars. I learned about it in school Firsthand.



You are an English and European lefty. Your frame of reference is very different from ours. Ours is Jefferson and Tom Paine's statements that "government is merely a necessary evil." pl


Its cute you think Tejanos and Mexicanos think of themselves as the 'same' because they're brown. And you're from Houston? You should know better - I know families who think Irish and Italian families are still upstarts.

A common epithet in my line of work: "Stay on your side of the f----n river."

Ursa Maior

I beg your pardon Sir, but was not Thomas Paine a radical? In other words an outspoken critic of and someone who dismissed, ANY central power?


a) you are right about me. b) If thats the frame of reference then you are right. BHO clearly stands for big government. But so did the previous administration.


Ursa Major

Yes, Tom Paine was a radical and he was the man who convinced Americans that they should defy the king and shake off the dead hand of Westminster. pl


Gun violence is now a major issue and is likely to remain so until something is done about it. Given this:


You would think that gun owners would like to do something.

Allen Thomson

> the Houston megalopolis. Think secession from Texas.

Houston is one of the vertices of the Texas Triangle, which is worth Googling.


FWIW, the counties containing four of the five major cities there voted for Obama in both 2008 and 2012, though just barely in a couple of cases.

no one

PL, Re; the changing demographic: It is becoming much easier for the Fantasy Islanders to erode, if not outright shred,the Constitution because for years they have conducted a largely successful infiltration of the education system. Few young people today have been made to study the document. Few could even name, let alone explain, three of the amendments in the Bill of Rights. The Constitution means little to them.

Instead, they have been taught revisionist history. They have been programmed to see industrious white men as evil and their victims (everyone else) deserving of reparations. Most of them have been taught to value "fairness", comfort and safety above all else and to perceive themselves as being entitled.

Obama appeals very much to this demographic.

Within a generation the education system will have completed its nefarious mission. Anyone not promising abject utopianism won't stand a chance in an election.


Leaving aside my ideological and policy differences with him....he is a man I have grown to dislike.


You would think gun owners would like reasonable metrics as well instead of yet ANOTHER study that lumps in suicides and criminals.

677 people in the Philly metro area isn't a reasonable snap shot, but then again: Its Lars.


Yes, 140,000,000 gun owners who haven't murdered anyone would like to do something. So would the knife owners who would like to do something about murders committed with knives. Giving more power to the state is not the 'something' that they would like to do, however.

Did you read that text of BHO's SOTU speech where he mentioned all those killings that occurred in just two months since Newton? To quote:
“Because in the two months since Newtown, more than a thousand birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries have been stolen from our lives by a bullet from a gun.”

If you do the math, that means 6,000 murders by bullets a year. So in his first year in office 6,000 Americans had their lives stolen from them and Barrack did…….. NOTHING.

One would think people would like to know why BHO did nothing the first year of his first term in office, or the second or the third or the fourth. That’s 24,000 Americans dead while Obama did nothing. But the Democratic Party sure didn’t hold him or the Democrats in office accountable for doing nothing for 4 years are they? But now we have St Gabby Giffords her astronaught husband and thier $20,000,000 PAC. I'm sure 140,000,000 people can figure out exactly what that means.

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