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13 February 2013


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Medicine Man

I think President Obama is covering his ass. Put up some tepid proposals, to be seen as "doing something", and punt the issue to Congress. It is probably be better for him politically if the Republican House torpedoes everything put to vote.

That's a handsome dog in the picture -- a wise face.

Alba Etie

Col Lang
If you enjoy the Westminster Dog shows - you may very well enjoy a satirical movie called 'Best in Show" -This little film is pretty raunchy in places but also quite funny .
Meanwhile Senator Graham is doubling down on his Benghazi kerfuffle with BHO - and holding the Hagel nomination hostage.
Senate is supposed to have the sixty votes ayes to overcome any cloture on Hagel . We shall see.


I couldnt bear to watch the smug apparatchik either. I prefered to watch Globetrekker tour the Ukraine.



A Norwich Terrier wins BIS in BIS. I have three of them although two are so old now that they are headed for the last jump. pl


I actually watched Banana Joe, up, clap clap clap, down. Again and again. Then I realized you were talking about Westminster. The best impression was Dempsey with a couple of rows of ribbons, combat action badge, jump wings. Right next to Ordinaro who wore the entire tutti-frutti display of everything ever received in a career (which fit Obama's promise filled speech but looked terrible).

Good luck on the spending programs Barack. Government graded 'best' schools rating? I wonder how many standardized test that will spur. What happened that opposition to Every Teacher Left Behind or whatever it was Bush called it? Yeah, that was so like two elections ago.

That up or down vote, why you'll sure get a vote, just not a result, nor a roll call either since you know that stuff won't pass and so do your opponents in the House. At least you'll get Hagel at Defense.

Charles I

However did/does Lola Montoyez fare these days?

Clifford Kiracofe

Instead of SOTU, I went on the Vatican website and watched the Holy Father's visit to the Pontifical Major Seminary in Rome of a few days ago. I found his remarks to the seminarians to be profound and moving. He was articulate and mentally alert although very frail. His resignation, to me, is an act of modernity.

Clifford Kiracofe

On high school education see:


Those of us on the receiving end of what high schools are producing have thoughts on the matter to say the least.


I too watched the dog show rather than the dog and pony show (SOTU).

Banana Joe is a beautiful dog, but I'd hoped Joey Bag of Donuts (the french bulldog) had made it further into the competition.

As always, I feel the "Best in Show" dog is the one sitting on my lap as I watch the show!


I was lucky enough to go see Lebron James make NBA history live and avoid both BSHO and Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Avoid The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, becuause it has more politics than the Oscars...LMAO

Alba Etie

We love terriers of all 'stripes " back in the day our corgi/cocker spaniel would be the kind of active jumper you describe , and like yours he is headed for the last jump .


Charles I

Lola is well if a bit chubby. pl


Oakley is a splendid animal but I fear he lacks the popular touch. I thought he was going to win, though, and he should be back for another go. I am not a small dog person as a rule, but I was pulling hard for Banana Joe after watching his commanding performance in his division. His handler said Joe does not see himself as a small dog, so perhaps that’s that’s the secret. Attitude is all.

Missed most of SOTU this time. It’s usually a laundry list whose chief interest lies in what gets left off the list. It was last year, I think, that Obama didn’t trouble to mention unemployment. After all, you don’t want to depress people. I did tune in for Rubio’s platitude sandwich and thirst-quenching moment.



I've heard similar complaints to those raised in the wapo article from friends of mine who are teachers. I was not thinking of those folks, however. What came to my mind was the 40 or so guys who were transferred into - and out of - my boot camp company during the eight weeks of basic (navy, decades ago). Almost all were set back due to academics, not attitude, commitment or any other performance factor. These men could barely read and were never go to college and probably never getting any technical degree.

When since FDR or LBJ has any liberal politician given a damn about men like this? BHO has a nice laundry list of programs (geared to the all important woman’s vote) but no compassion or understanding of reality. Neither do too many of my liberal friends here on the chilly outskirts of Ann Arbor (Republic of) Michigan. They are uniformly college all the way and alway ready with a look of condescension, with an appropriate label for you, if you don't have the desire, aptitude or motivation for more years in school. The idea that you might actually want to work on cars, be a welder, drive the snow plow, trash truck or any thing other than sit in a classroom another 4 plus years so you can sit in cubicle city for 30 more? Well, those people don't matter, do they? I sure didn't hear any concern for them from BHO or his Vice President.


Is that fine looking canine yours, Col? He has intellignce and cunning in his eyes.

Here's a picture of my dog Max.


I saw about a-half-hour of the State of the Union Address and got the impression he will rule by decree as much as he can get away with.



That is an Affenpinscher. Mine are Norwich Terriers. Ashby, Turner and Lola Montez, Queen of the block.

Yes, BHO thinks he is king. pl


Lola Montez is a great name.

My dog is the blonde on the right, not the Poodle, though it is a cutie.

Clifford Kiracofe


I agree entirely. Our overall public education system should effectively accomodate ALL young folks whether "college bound" or not.

The vocational/technical education area is fundamental and needs an overhaul in the USA to position us for the future and global competition.

Do we want to revitalize our industrial sector or not, for example? If so, who are going to be the machinists and skilled workers and so on?

Vocational/technical education in countries such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland has a long tradition. Maybe there are some lessons there for us.

Democrat and Republican politicians have no serious vision for our future and the future of our economy as is evident from our present condition.

One litmus test is whether or not they support regulating Wall Street with a Glass-Steagall type legislation.

Obama's choices for Treasury Secretary reflect the Wall Street "casino-caplitalism" of speculative finance rather than a serious concern for an agro-industrial real physical economy.

Aside from regulating the financial sector, what about major infrastructure to replace our disintegrated infrastructure and to create additional infrastructure?

Meanwhile, over the last few days the news reports that China has just overtaken the US as the world's biggest trading nation. How do the whores in Congress and the White House explain that to the American people? Ignore it I guess. Certainly they won't admit we have shot our bolt in uneccessary foreign wars to the tune to $5 trillion (by 2020) which could have gone into revitalizing our own economy.


steve g

Occasionally, dog sit for a friend. One
is a Chinese Crested Powderpuff,Oliver, with
a tail like a white duster, the other a
Chinese Crested. Yes, the ugliest dog on
earth. Pink skin, no hair, a tuft on top
and his tongue protruding to the right when
his mouth is closed. Rudy did take offense
when I would stick my tongue out and do
my best Daffy Duck, "Certainly"!!

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