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16 January 2013


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"I believe the federal government should require the NRA and gun makers to provide full disclosure in promoting guns for home defense, including putting a stop to the nonsense of suggesting they can be lawfully used for armed insurrection" Are you American? come clean. How do you think the federal government can manage the suppression of free speech and political activity that you advocate? pl


Touché. I misstated that. I would like the federal government to require gun makers and other advertizers (not the NRA) to include a disclaimer about armed insurrection in their advertizing in the way that cigarette makers are required to include health warnings in their advertizing (which is not protected speech where public health is concerned).

Despite my misstatement, I would not advocate suppressing free speech by the NRA or any other group, but would like to see HHS and CDC counter disinformation by gun advocacy groups by publishing and announcing the gun violence epidemiological data and vital information about the risks of guns in the home that the NRA works hard to hide from the public. I see the whole thing as analogous to the government's anti-smoking campaign, which countered cigarette advertizing by exposing health risks that had been hidden by tobacco companies. Get the information out there, and let people decide for themselves if the benefits outweigh the risks. This does not touch the second amendment in any way.


Personal disclaimer: I do have guns, for plinking only; none used for home defense. My guns are unloaded, locked up, and all ammo is used before returning home, none kept in the house ever.


Are you serious? Cigarette companies purposely added nicotine back into their product to make them more chemically addictive. How does manufacturing of a gun make ownership addictive or owners more likely to shoot human beings? Will you also require the CDC and HHS to provide the data on violence with other weapons than can be lawfully obtained?


Feinstein is really going for all the guns. Don't think it'll go anywhere, but I'll be happy when this country stops jumping to the various paranoias of the elite in the DC/LA/NYC axis.

John Minnerath

BHO has suddenly revealed he is a long time skeet shooter. Using the range Eisenhower had built at Camp David.
Uh huh.
Does he really believe the gun owning public will now think he's their friend?
He's expressed anti gun sentiment during his entire public life.

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