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13 January 2013


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Interesting to make a comparison of more registered guns, less crime, fewer lawyers. Of course with even more people they have even fewer traffic tickets. Obviously some know how to obey the law and some don't. (No for the inventible responses about correlation v causation and at least one reference to Mark Twain's take on statistics.)

I wonder what to make of the millionaires per house-hold statistic.



1- We do not register guns in Virginia. We keep trsack of the numbers through sales data. Since private sales are not subjecgt tto a report to the state police, there are undoubtedly even more guns in virginia than shown here. 2 - Anyone who has watched Marylanders attempt to drive understands the statistics on traffic tickets. pl

Charles I

OK Fred, ticket levels are surely a function of law writing and enforcement decisions, not decisions to obey the law.

But lemme get this straight. Virginia had to pass A LAW to make sure school didn't start before labor day?!

Charles I

ok#2 made em laugh out loud.


More breweries means less crime.


I grew up on the Eastern Shore, northwest of Salisbury, and a more accurate label for this article might be "Western Maryland versus Northern Virginia".


When it comes to what really counts - the quality of the coffee and the Asian cuisine - D.C. beats both of them hands down

William R. Cumming

Both Maryland and Virginia have thrived post WWII! The reason why is the ability to feed at the trough of the federal fisc.

They do have different cultures and have used the federal largesse in different ways.

Prior to the opening of the Washington beltway [almost empty its first two years if you can believe it] the links between the states have been forged economically but not culturally or politically.

What should that the DELmar

William R. Cumming

Continued: What should the DELMARVA penninsula look like in 2100? A new STATE!


Cld War Zoomie

Maryland crab cakes trump everything else. Deal with it.



We have better crab cakes in Alexandria at RT's Restaurant. pl


Come now Coffee on the Corner in Staunton (just down the street from the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library) is a nice spot, they even have a beer garden out back for warmer times and cooler drinks.



Sorry, but the best crab cakes can be found at the Sharptown Fireman's Carnival.

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