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29 January 2013


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r whitman

Any contact with Yusuf Al-Misry yet??


r whitman

No. He may have fled Egypt as in "A Tale of Two Cities." pl

Alba Etie

" it was the best of times & the worst of times.."

Medicine Man

I hope Yusuf has fled rather than being imprisoned or killed.



He has been in Europe for medical treatment but is returning to Misr. pl

Abu Sinan


The violence at the original football match was between the supporters of the local team in Port Said and supporters of the al Ahly team. Ah Ahly supporters at the match were attacked by police and by opposition soccer fans.

Politics is at the base of this because ah Ahly supporters were at the forfront of protecting the demontrators at Tahrir Square. The opposition fans and the police were supporters of Mubarak and his regime.

The recent trial gave out the death penalty to multiple supporters of the old regime who were involved in the violence at the soccer match targeting al Ahly "Ultras". Ultras being a term used in international soccer circles for supporters of a team that are rather fanatical, but one step down from a full on soccer holigan. Al Ahly has the biggest crew of Ultras in Africa.

The violence that broke out after the death penalties were given out seems to be coming from what was the pro Mubarak camp and seem to be aimed at making the country under the MB ungovernable.

What is an interesting twist is that although al Ahly Ultras played a large role in protecting demontrators in Tahrir Square all of those months, they do not generally support the MB, rather tend to come from a more liberal, educated and monied section of Egyptian society.

Medicine Man

I'm glad to hear he is alright. Wish him the best for me if you have the chance.


Very interesting. So amongst everything else Moris/the MB get to play two opponents off one another?

Abu Sinan

Indeed Fred, there is a lot going on here. I believe the average Egyptian has a good heart, but they are being sold a bill of goods by the MB. I think the Middle East is just going to have to see that political Islam fails. Question is, when they realise that it has, will they be able to take back power from them?

Mark Kolmar

This comment is rather late. If it were up to me, I would ask whether the U.S. shouldn't keep fully open channels to the Egyptian military, and snub the executive just enough to make the idea clear.

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