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26 January 2013


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Maureen Lang

The latest astroimages in your TA post are wonderful, John. Perhaps you could enlighten me on where this one in particular, the beauteous Aurora photo, was taken, and how? Thanks!

John Minnerath

This was from the Inupiaq village of Wainwright in NW Alaska. On the Chukchi Sea portion of the Arctic Ocean.
One of a series I took in the 90's using an Olympus OM-1 and film. The film I was using had a high green response, hence the color.
One of the greatest Auroral displays I've ever seen. As I recall temperatures at the time were somewhere below -50°F.
BTW, the bright dot in the loop is the planet Venus that happened to be hovering near the horizon.

Maureen Lang

Thank you on the info regarding place & method. I did wonder at the dot in the auroral loop- you caught two sky beauties in one shot there.

As I mentioned in our email exchange, we always blow up your astroimages for viewing on a big screen tv. The detail visible in this particular photo is just stunning.



Your images are astounding, and the range of astronomical phenomena that you have captured is equally amazing. Great work!

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